Welcome to the Highlands

Welcome to the Highlands, the land of  sparkling Burns, The Heather hughed Glens, High Mountains where the Eagles soar, a land of Deer and Salmon, Kilts and Pipes. The Corbetts, the Grahams and the Monros. A place to revitalise the Spirit and the Soul. This is a land of proud people, people that will give any man the time of day.

But today a certain sadness pervades all. In a desperate drive for fame our politicians have sold Scotland and its wild places to the lowest bidder. The march of the wind factories is heard in the Glens. Tourism for Scotland is dead. Our way of life crushed beneath the greed of mostly foreign adventurers and aided by our Government and Planners.

This is the opportunity for all you to have your say and perhaps we will save something for our children.

The first great requisite of motive power is; that it shall be wholly at our command, to be exerted when, and where, and in what degree we desire.The wind, for instance, as a direct motive power, is wholly inapplicable to a system of machine labour, for during a calm season the whole business of the country would be thrown out of gear.

William Stanley Jevons (1865)

“God never made an ugly landscape. All that sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.”

— John Muir

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is necessity; that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life.”

— John Muir

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One wheel on our Wagon

Dougal Quixote:

Many a true thing said in jest!!!

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Gone West

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Should Communities be subjected to HELL with no redress?


We hear that after three years Streetwood Wind Farm in South Norfolk has finally been refused. See the details here. What has not been addressed is the cost and stress to the Community and how that should be recompensed. We hear regularly of the Community Benefit (BRIBES) that developers promise but nothing to compensate the planning blight, cost and stress of THREE YEARS fighting these wind farms. The fact it has eventually been kicked into touch suggests that it was not an appropriate development and not in an appropriate area. When are developers going to be made to pay? 

Can we suggest that all developers must place a pre application bond of £50k per turbine which in the case of approval can be directed to final decommissioning and in the case of a refusal should be paid to the Community to cover costs and stress caused. I think against the expected profits it is but a drop in the ocean but for those effected by applications, especially repeat applications for the same or similar site, it would make life more amenable. I think it would has guard against speculative applications.

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The Fight to Save Stronelairg and the Monadliaths

Whilst we disassociate ourselves from Stuart Brooks comments which follow a line much disproved now. It is an old policy of JMT and has not been updated with current understanding. However JMT covers a broad church, many of whom are urban dwellers, and it is a fact that such organisations have to tread a thin line between political correctness and reality.

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Group are awarded costs over wind farm withdrawal


“THE Dales Gateway Group, which opposed the construction of three 132-metre high turbines at Killington Lake, has been awarded costs of £9,542 after developers Bank Renewables “suddenly and unexpectedly” withdrew its planning application before a public inquiry was to be held on September 23.

The group made a claim to The Planning Inspectorate for what it considered unreasonable behaviour. The Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government informed the group on Friday that the award of costs had been approved.”

Interesting precedent which could lead to more claims against developers.

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Turbines in Schools

Well we have discussed this previously but I doubt that the councillors will learn from the mistakes. Turbines in schools are not safe!

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Terry the Turbine – a Kentish Ballad

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CO² is NOT a posion

carbon dioxideThe Myth of Carbon Pollution

On October 15, 2014, Dr. William Happer, Chairman of the George C. Marshall Institute, will discuss “The Myth of Carbon Pollution.”

“Carbon pollution” is a propaganda slogan for the campaign against carbon dioxide (CO2). It is not science. Atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant but is essential for plant growth. Current CO2 levels are far below optimum for most plants, and far below norms of
geological history, when CO2 concentrations averaged several times higher than present values. A substantial fraction, about 15%, of current world food production is due to the higher levels of CO2 compared to preindustrial values. Contrary to unambiguous computer
predictions, there has been no statistically significant surface warming in at least 15 years. It is now clear that the warming potential of CO2 has been exaggerated by a large amount, and it is unlikely to be much more than 1oC for doubling of CO2. There is not the slightest evidence that more CO2 has caused more extreme weather or accelerated sea level rise. Nor is there the slightest support for the notion that government control of CO2 will “stop climate change.” Many real environmental issues need attention, smog, waste disposal, short-sighted suburban development, adequate clean water, public health, etc. These are being overshadowed by the phony issue of “carbon pollution.”

Dr. William Happer is Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics (emeritus) at Princeton University, a long-term member of the JASON advisory group, and former director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. In addition to being a fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the recipient of numerous awards, including the Alfred P. Sloan fellowship, the Alexander von Humboldt award, the Herbert P. Broida Prize and the Thomas Alva Edison patent award.

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Wisconsin: County Board of Health Declares Shirley Wind Farm a Health Hazard!!!

Dougal Quixote:

The tide is turning and how long before we see adverts on the TV from no win/no fee solicitors suing the wind industry. Funny thing is many wind farms are technically small stand alone companies with no assets so the land owner is they one who is going to end up as a correspondent and losing his shirt!

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:

Edgar County Watchdog — October 14, 2014


Tonight, October 14, 2014, the Brown County Board of Health voted to declare the Shirley Wind [Farm] a Human Health Hazard. The decision was based on a report of a year-long study conducted by the Enz family with some help from an Illinois resident to document infrasound in homes within a radius of 6 miles of the Shirley Wind turbines.

The vote to declare it a Human Health Hazard puts Duke Energy’s Shirley Wind utility on the defensive to prove to the Board they are not the cause of the health complaints documented in the study and could result in a shut down order.

It is time for Illinois county health departments to start receiving complaints lodged based on wind turbines since a Wisconsin health department declared wind turbines as a health hazard and caused so many problems…

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Royal Scottish Geographical Society – Scotland’s renewable energy transition – Quo Vadis?

A view of Scotland’s Renewable Energy ambitions by Prof Paul Younger FREngg is interesting and worthy of consideration. Read the article through this link


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Scotland Approves more Offshore Wind

Featured Image -- 7340

Linda Holt, spokesperson for Scotland Against Spin​,​called the news ​ that four offshore wind farms off the Scottish east coast had been consented today​ “another flight of fantasy from the Scottish Government” and said its offshore wind policy has been “a spectacular non-starter”

“The key to offshore wind development in Scotland is not consent but investment, and these proposals stand little chance of attracting investors. They total 2.284 MW but the total current subsidy pot for all UK renewable proposals will only support 800MW. It is inconceivable that these proposals will see off all the competition for subsidy from other renewable technologies or more cost-effective offshore projects down south.

“Even if one of these projects wins the subsidy jackpot, it is no guarantee private investment will follow because the wind industry reckons the current strike price of £140 is too low.

“Because Scottish offshore wind farms have to grapple with deeper waters, harsher weather and much greater transmission distances than their English and Welsh equivalents, they are uneconomic. This is why England and Wales have nigh on 20 operational offshore wind farms while Scotland’s offshore plans are more than 8 years behind schedule.

“The precise impact of offshore wind on marine and birdlife is unknown, but there is enough expert testimony to show that certain species will be decimated and marine ecology turned upside down. It is laughable to imagine that the Scottish Government can protect the integrity of the marine environment by means of “planning conditions”, given the proposed scale of development.

“The Scottish Government is once again playing politics with energy policy by setting a Scottish offshore wind industry (which barely exists) against a UK-supported nuclear industry. The truth is that offshore wind in Scotland is a fantasy while it will be nuclear power that keeps Scottish lights on in decades to come. The last thing Scotland needs is more environmentally destructive turbines producing over-priced, intermittent electricity for export to England.”

PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FROM ROBERT TRYTHALL, leader of successful No Tiree Array campaign
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Health Issues, what Health Issues

vibro-acousticWell that is what the Wind Industry and their champions at the DECC and the Scottish Government will say. There has been a great raft of peer reviewed studies of health issues which have to date been ignored. However as we saw in Australia and are seeing in the US with class actions against wind developments, there is a mood for reality.

The Royal Society of Medicine has just produced this report: Diagnostic criteria for adverse health effects in the environs of wind turbines which is worth consideration.

In an effort to address climate change, governments have
pursued policies that seek to reduce greenhouse gases.
Alternative energy, including wind power, has been proposed
by some as the preferred approach. Few would
debate the need to reduce air pollution, but the means
of achieving this reduction is important not only for efficiency
but also for health protection. The topic of adverse
health effects in the environs of industrial wind turbines
(AHE/IWT) has proven to be controversial and can present
physicians with challenges regarding the management of an
exposure to IWT. Rural physicians in particular must be
aware of the possibility of people presenting to their practices
with a variety of sometimes confusing complaints.
An earlier version of the diagnostic criteria for AHE/IWT
was published in August 2011. A revised case definition and
a model for a study to establish a confirmed diagnosis is

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The Truth or Climate Fantasy

climate fairy

Now get this right. I am not saying the Climate is not changing. It has been doing for millenia so it isn’t going to stand still now. What I do say is that there is a great deal of pseudo scientific codswallop sprouted about Anthropogenic (Man Made) Global Warming that has become a Religion akin to American Evangelism in so much as a lot of people are earning vast sums of do$h from it. Even local councils have their climate change officers and all these graduates have to earn a crust. So they guild the lilly with fantastic claims and statistics based on Climate Models, such as the Hockey Stick, which have been exposed as a scam. Man effects micro climates, as does local topography and marine activity. To what extent is debatable and localised. Man is as an ant on an elephants back with regard to his effect on the macro climate.  Every weather event has a precedent and that precedent was way before Climate Change was in short pants. Temperature has been stable for over seventeen years and climate scientists excuse that the temperature variations had been contained in the oceans is as farcical as it has now been proven untrue. Too much Climate Science is conjecture which then has statistics massaged as proof. Every Climate Conference is a farce proceeded by expectation and followed by fantastic claims that have no basis in fact. They are simply there to guarantee the Gravy Train. Climate will change and we will be able to do little about it. Humanity will adapt as he has done over generation from the Middle Ages Warm Period to the Little Ice Age. What we need to do is ensure that we are prepared and able to adapt and panic mongering about CO², a staple of life itself, is a blind alley that has consumed the billions of £ounds and $ollars that could have been better used to combat over population and world poverty. To that we need sustainable energy supplies at a cost that we can all afford. Ecological improvements are done by wealthy countries, not poor ones. Wind is neither sustainable, cheap or demand driven. We need to separate the myth of wind saving the world from the truth of wind, the money machine for foreign carpetbaggers and inconsiderate greedy landowners. 

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The Death of the DECC – Wouldn’t it be wonderful

Can I start by using a Quote from an Anonymous commentator. Now I don’t usually countenance anons but in this case I shall willingly make an exception. The DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change – the name is even an oxymoron) was derived to pursue a policy by taking away two elements from the DTI and Defra and concentrating them in a new body whose position is closer to a Church than a Government department. Certainly those that work there are of the Religion of Climate Change(AGW)!

The Church of AGW

The Church of AGW

I have a relative who works at DECC, and has done since getting his masters. He’s an environmental economist (one of many in DECC, I imagine), briefing the likes of Huhne, Davey, and Gummer. He appears to know nothing whatever about the climate question, but is fully invested in the warming scare (condition of employment, I guess).

Closing DECC would obviously benefit the country: but it would also benefit many of those who work there. My relative is not an untruthful man, but he has worked since leaving university in an environment where systematic untruthfulness and wishful thinking are the norm; an environment where the taxpayer would get better value if he were paid to stay at home and do nothing. He desperately needs to get out and find a real job (although his qualifications won’t help with that).

This comment is anonymous partly because I don’t want to foment a family rift, and partly because I am ashamed of having a family member employed in this way.”

Recently the Commons Public Accounts Committee has produced a damning report on the DECC. The question is should the work of the DECC now be returned to the appropriate bodies from which it first morphed, the DTI (now BID) and Defra. A cull of all the environmentalists (Climate Junkies) would benefit us all and the eradication of Davey and the Lib-Dims from such a position would be a win/win situation. After all Energy is the life blood of Industry, and the creation of energy is industrial by it’s very definition. Climate Change(AGW) is a scam that most intelligent commentators and real scientists are now distancing themselves from. Climate changes and it has done for millenia and will continue to do so. It is not our task to try to change the climate but to manage our reaction to it. That is better done by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

That much of this mismanagement was on the watch of one Chris Huhne does not excuse the present. Bring back Patterson and Hayes and the world, or at least the UK, would be a better place.

You never know the dismemberment of this monolith of green ambitions and the resulting P45s may well prove a solution to the National Debt.


Global warming trendshttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2065360/Expect-gas-price-rises-warns-Energy-Minister-Huhne-insists-government-pin-increase.html



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Shale Gas v. Wind

I thought you might enjoy this. It conveniently forgets the Gas power station needed to provide the energy but they can be built near to the cities that need the power rather than despoiling our green and pleasant lands.shale v. wind

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Murdo Fraser – Objections to Talladh-a-Bheithe Wind Farm and Question on NPF3


This video will provide you with periods of intense pleasure and intense pain. Rob Gibson sounds less SNP and more Marxist and his comments had little relevance. Murdo Fraser and his supporters suggested support for Communities sadly lacking from the SNP. The Minister fell back on blaming the system and excusing his sycophantic relationship with the industry on Climate Change. That was not the point of the debate. What truly disgusted me was the paucity of MSPs in the Chamber, well outweighed by those people in the public gallery, which reflects the true concern of the MSPs to the subject of Wild Lands and the protection of Scotland and it’s scenic value!

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Living Close to wind farms could cause Hearing Damage

The Royal Society, whose support for Climate Change and all that goes with itis legend, has published a paper that rather turns on it’s head the oft quoted mantra of the Industry and our Government that low frequency noise doesn’t exist and if it did it wouldn’t harm anyone. Read the report here

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Support Aigas Community Forest

BOS Poster


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The Geographical Referendum

The Geographical Referendum

This may be construed as just ‘slightly'(sic) biased but it refers to the fact(?) that 98.9% of the land mass voted NO. Could this reflect the impact that wind farms have had on the Rural population? Had the confidence of the rural voter in the SNP government been tarnished by the over-riding of local planning by Energy Consents and the Scottish Ministers. You may soon deduce that the support for Independence seemingly came from the areas of dense population. That may reflect other issues such as the age demographic and political beliefs of those of the urban masses. And that brings us around to how we win the urban dweller, reliant on i-pad and wide screen TV, to the understanding that wind  power increases costs, is unreliable and endangers our energy security in the future. Win the urban voters over and the Politics of wind will change. Problem is that the Wind Industry, aided by Government, have resources that we can only dream off. But we are better, more knowledgeable and speak from the heart. Whilst Head ruled over Heart in the Referendum, we have the advantage of Head AND Heart in our Debate!

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Sweden: Offshore Wind Turbines to be Decommissioned After Only 13 Years “Cheapest Option”

Dougal Quixote:

Reality dawns!

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:

SWEDEN: Vattenfall has decided to dismantle the 10MW Yttre Stengrund, its first Swedish offshore wind project, after 13 years of operation.

David Weston – WindPower Offshore – September 19, 2014

Vattenfall made the decision to decommission the project due to the high cost of replacing turbines and cables.

Yttre Stengrund used five 2MW NEG Micon turbines when it was commissioned in 2001. Vattenfall said only one of the turbines is currently operational.

Only 50 of the turbines were ever made so replacement parts are no longer available.

The Swedish utility have also decided against installing new turbines as the project’s export cable would need replacing if it was to continue operating. Decommissioning has been deemed the most economical option.  Continue reading here…..


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The ‘Party’ is over. Now we have the Country to repair!

reinstalling Scotland

Whichever side of the fence you were on, the last three weeks has been a roller coaster. Now Salmond has announced his resignation and we all look to what changes will manifest themselves. With Sturgeon being promoted as his replacement we have to ask is this a coronation with Salmond’s acolyte stepping into his shoes, or will the SNP cast off the shackles of the Salmond years and look for someone new to take the country forward until the next elections.

What we have lost over the last few months is a positive direction on the wind issues. The Issues mind, not the development! Many projects already approved have been put on hold as the financiers have been concerned at the financial position of iScotland and the future of subsidies mostly paid by rUK. Now that uncertainty is removed we have already heard evidence that some of the big players are shaking off their approvals and looking to move forward. No doubt projects in the pipeline will have received a similar boost of confidence. We have two financial issues here. Will the UK address the subsidy issue and reduce the levels of public support they enjoy and is someone going to grasp the nettle of energy production and push forward with new gas power station and fracking at the same time re-addressing the mothballing and/or closure of coal fired generation. The Issue is the sustainability and cost of renewable energy at a time when the UK, business and residents, needs affordable energy to compete in the world and to protect the less affluent in a population. Without doubt wind power, onshore and off is at a cost the country cannot afford.

What we have seen/missed is that over the last few weeks wind energy production has been at an all time low. The dreitch days of mists and fog covering the UK has exposed the futility of wind is a reliable energy source. However the press have been concentrated on the Scottish problem and Salmond’s promised departure; he has been the comeback kid many times before; has created it’s own chorus of breast beating from the media. Where was this lovely little Charlie Chaplin figure the young reporters are painting? The Nasty party, as some refer to the modern day SNP, was created in his image. Personable at times, yes, but unpleasant, arrogant and abrasive to anyone, friend or foe, that didn’t dance to his tune. The guy is not dead. We have no cause to eulogise him. On two issues, The Independence Referendum and the Wind Farms, he divided Scotland in two. Those divisions, both mental and physical, will take a generation or more to heal!  Scotland needs to shake of the last three years of division and re-energise itself with the things it does well.

And wind ain’t one of them!

We need now to hold the Government to their word on Wild Lands; Rannoch Moor and Stronelairg; and to re-address the planning rules that allow Energy Consents to over-rule local planning decisions. We need to look at Planning Appeals and make it a level playing field where the community can challenge approvals as the developers can challenge refusals. level-playing-field-2We need to make appeals a road of last resort when rules have been broken not an automatic route for developers who are frustrated when applications are refused on good grounds. We also need to make sure that councils are protected from costs on appeal for doing what they have been democratically appointed to do but impose punitive costs on developers for spurious appeals. We need to make the planning fair for communities which means no repetitive applications and some respite for communities attacked by cumulative applications. Councils should be empowered to ‘paint’ no go zones where applications are simply barred due to impact on local communities who have been under “attack” from the wind farm developers. We should also demand a complete ban on extensions. When a wind farm reduces the number of turbines to get approval, surely it is nonsense to allow an extension application sometimes before the original erection is completed!

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