Welcome to the Highlands

Welcome to the Highlands, the land of  sparkling Burns, The Heather hughed Glens, High Mountains where the Eagles soar, a land of Deer and Salmon, Kilts and Pipes. The Corbetts, the Grahams and the Monros. A place to revitalise the Spirit and the Soul. This is a land of proud people, people that will give any man the time of day.

But today a certain sadness pervades all. In a desperate drive for fame our politicians have sold Scotland and its wild places to the lowest bidder. The march of the wind factories is heard in the Glens. Tourism for Scotland is dead. Our way of life crushed beneath the greed of mostly foreign adventurers and aided by our Government and Planners.

This is the opportunity for all you to have your say and perhaps we will save something for our children.

The first great requisite of motive power is; that it shall be wholly at our command, to be exerted when, and where, and in what degree we desire.The wind, for instance, as a direct motive power, is wholly inapplicable to a system of machine labour, for during a calm season the whole business of the country would be thrown out of gear.

William Stanley Jevons (1865)

“God never made an ugly landscape. All that sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.”

— John Muir

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is necessity; that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life.”

— John Muir

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2% Bill Increase means Cheaper Energy Costs – Ed Davey

2% increase

At the same time the Telegraph quotes inside sources that Cameron is planning to give locals power to stop onshore wind after the next election; shades of the EU Referendum promises; Ed Davey announces Billions of Investment in Renewables, in particular wind. That some of this suggested such as Moray Firth may well be outwith any control from Westminster post September, we really do have to ask what planet does he inhabit? I note that three offshore developments are the 78% Danish state owned Dong Energy whose Operations director has just been appointed to the Offshore Wind Industry Committee, the £12 billion of investment is reliant on private investment when financiers are running shy of off-shore because of the high costs and questions on the technology and I further note the 8500 “Green” jobs on offer. No reference to whether UK jobs or foreign workers as is evidenced in the off-shore industry. No comment about long term or short term contracts. As everyone is canning off-shore and bio-mass for a range of good reasons, Davey looks like the comedic Don Quixote riding backwards on his Donkey!

As to his comments about a 2% increase in bills representing cheaper Energy Costs yet again he confirms that he never passed arithmetic at skool!

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Is nothing Sacrosanct?

london eye night

EDF Energy

A Unique View. A Bigger Vision

Have I missed something? As I sat munching my breakfast cereal I noticed an ad on the back of the packet. When the London Eye was launched for the Millennium was it not sponsored by British Airways? Then why is it now the EDF(Electricité de France) Energy London Eye. Yet something else British, that we should be proud of, sold out to another European and, worse still, French Company in a three year sponsorship deal. That is taking the Entente Cordial one step too far! Have we really no Pride left? What next? Wind farm conferences in Buck House. 

The EDF Energy and London Eye partnership offers a great view of London, and also a new vision. As London 2012 approaches the Capital will be at the centre of the world’s attention and EDF Energy is striving for the vision to be realised: of a city committed to cleaner, lower-carbon living.

Low carbon living? And what, pray, does the eye have to do with Low Carbon Living. It is in many ways a Folly. Built for the Millennium by one of the UK’s iconic industries. It has no purpose save that of entertainment, which it does very well. It was only originally designed as a short life project but has survived due to it’s popularity. In fact it has spawned many mini eyes throughout the country. Like the Dome it was never meant to last. One thing London can claim is the cathedral of consumerism. Where the poor are judged on how few i-phones they have rather than their ability to put food on the tables. Where Chelsea tractors compete with Prius cars on the school run. Both accomplished within short distances of residences where in the past shank’s pony would have been the preferable mode of transport. The Shard, The Gherkin, The Cheesegrater, The Walkie Talkie are not measures of Low Carbon Living but rampant consumerism. And of the Spin of today’s EDF Energy London Eye, not a word of it’s origins and any visitor today would well assume that this was a french erection rather than an Iconic British statement of who we used to be.

Well perhaps not quite lost in fact but only in perception:

In 2006 the Tussauds Group bought out the other two joint owners, British Airways and the Marks Barfield family (the lead architects).[27] Following Merlin Entertainments’ purchase of the Tussauds Group in 2007, it now owns 100% of the Eye. British Airways continued its brand association, but from the beginning of 2008 the name ‘British Airways’ was dropped from the logo.

On 12 August 2009 the London Eye saw another rebrand, this time being called “The Merlin Entertainments London Eye” to show Merlin Entertainments’ ownership. A new logo was designed for the attraction—this time taking the form of an eye made out of London’s famous landmarks. This coincided with the launch of Merlin Entertainments 4D Experience preflight show underneath the ticket centre in County Hall. The refurbished ticket hall and 4D cinema experience were designed by architect Kay Elliott working with Merlin Studios project designer Craig Sciba. Merlin Studios later appointed Simex-Iwerks as the 4D theatre hardware specialists. The film was written and directed by 3D director Julian Napier and 3D produced by Phil Streather.[28]

In January 2011, a lighting-up ceremony marked the start of a three-year deal between EDF Energy and Merlin Entertainment.

What a strange world we have created!

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Do we never learn by our mistakes?


Could have been written for the Climate ‘debate’ when those that challenge falsehood and point to fact are called “Deniers” with the same venom erstwhile reserved for those that deny the Holocaust. The old saying ‘what goes around, comes around’ seems depressingly apposite.

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Why do people still believe the alarm-ism of the IPCC?

It never ceases to amaze me that people still believe implicitly the wild alarm-ism of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change(IPCC). Despite 95% of their prognosis being proved wrong, despite no global warming for fifteen years and despite no islands disappearing under Pacific waves, there are a great number of people that still believe. Now I know that I will be labelled a Denier for even suggesting that the science is not agreed and there is no consensus, but what I call for is reasoned debate. Climate Changes! We have finite resources which must be protected for future generations. We need to provide economical energy so that our economies can grow because it is only wealthy countries that can afford the environmental and ecological improvements that will make the earth fully sustainable. As to Armageddon, I fear more the Ring of Fire or a meteorite strike to provide the truly earth shattering events that could destroy mankind. In the meantime, a group of self appointed and very dangerous people are driving our civilisation into division and destruction and they are well seated in the IPCC and the Climate Change gravy train of professional activists and soothsayers. Science is hitting back and challenging the credentials of many within the IPCC orbit and finding them wanting. Should we be that surprised?

Climate Activism

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President Hollande wants more Wind?

President Hollande of France, whose popularity is sinking faster than Obama’s, is driving for more wind power. One has to ask why when France is so well covered by Nuclear and Hydro.

electricity generation France

In fact the UK relies to an extent on French Nuclear and plans are afoot to put a new and additional 1GW inter-connector through the Channel Tunnel. History shows us that when a President’s popularity wanes he will come up with populist programs which in this case may be appeasement of the anti nuclear and green interests. However France has a grip on the UK energy market through Electricité de France(EDF) and we should be aware of machinations that side of the Channel.

It is of interest that, despite Lord Deben’s support(the kiss of death?), the company proposing the connection is arguing for more financial support and higher revenue protection. This exemplifies the whole electricity industry which is mired by subsidies which eschew the market and delay implementation whilst developers blackmail governments for a bigger share in the pot. Normally by fleecing the public! Rather than responsible companies, preference is so often directed to foreign owned carpetbaggers.

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Flights of Fancy

ufo wind farm

Development of an inflatable turbine could be coming to Scotland soon? Well having flown Blimps over wind farm sites I am aware of the limitations. The higher they fly the heavier the cable until an equilibrium is struck where they won’t go any higher. Also as soon as the wind blows more than a light zephyr the blimp flies off downwind and the weight and angle of the cable reduces the height. Now it may well be that the provision of energy at a disaster area to power mobile hospitals without the logistic nightmare of fuel supplies may be a positive move although the practical logistics of getting such a monstrous ‘vehicle’ onto site let alone the very expensive helium needed rather negates that except in very specific situations. Possibly on a hospital ship.

So why Scotland? We are actually not that isolated in comparison to Alaska, Siberia, the Outback of Australia or Mongolia. Although tying to get parcels delivered north of Perth would suggest otherwise. What we do have is an extremely gullible government with renewable aspirations and a record of handing out large grants and subsidies which this project seems to feed on. Just consider a comparison to a turbine with a proposed life of twenty five years, although a technical lifespan of some fifteen years. Against that we could suggest that such an inflatable would self destruct in a fraction of the time, never mind the ongoing cost of helium, the daily attention to keep it flying, the cold nights, etc, etc.

Basically, the idea sucks. But then a previous Scottish Government bought into the Darien Scheme and the present First Minister still dreams of Scotland as the Saudi Arabia of Wind. We remain to be convinced in which area he is most interested, the repressive Regal political control of Saudi Arabia or the wind.

The Story from the Scotsman

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North of Scotland Power Cuts – 16.04.14


On 20.30hrs on the 16.04.14, there was a total blackout to some 205,000 homes over the North of Scotland from Elgin in the East to Skye and the western Isles and up to the Orkneys. Although power was restored fairly quickly to Inverness some areas didn’t get their power restored until 00.30hrs. This effected close to one million people and is the worst outage to the region for many years, if not without precedent. So what caused the problem. After 24 hours we don’t know although the Scottish Government with all their Political wisdom and technical know-how tell us it was a “Transient Event”. SSE have blamed it on lightning strike(?) or birds hitting overhead cables. Well it is the wrong season for the wild geese and it was hardly the conditions for lightning. They have now settled on something striking the 275KV line. Like a tree? Well it could be but no evidence has been found and we are used to bird strikes up here which may knock out the local area but never before pan Scotland.

To add a little spice the BBC quoted an engineer, Andrew MacKay, who suggested that the situation was a perfect storm with wind conditions optimised for wind energy which the grid became unable to cope with. What we do know is that during most of the 16th we had a steady blow of some 25mph which at 20.25hrs died totally. At 20.30hrs the Grid blacks out? We also know that the drop in wind was not forecast. I think we may question whether the intermittency created that perfect storm where the grid was unable to maintain frequency (50mhz) and the system tripped. This has happened previously in both Spain and Portugal and Germany nearly crashed the euro grid a while back. In those cases the finger has been pointed at the variable load factors of wind. Spain took nearly six days to get all supplies reconnected. Adding a little piquancy, the former Chairman of Scottish Power, Sir Donald Miller, has now added his opinion which suggests that the power outage was due to the reliance on renewable supplies.

To add a bit of fun we must look over the pond to where Ontario has ongoing issues with their Liberal Party government and their green agenda.


Ontario is now the first jurisdiction in North America to fully eliminate coal as a source of electricity generation.

And then …….

TORONTO – A large swath of the city’s west end was left in the dark for a few hours Tuesday night as a blackout hit the area. The outage began around 9 p.m. and ended about 11:30.

So had the Scottish Government’s aspiration for a 100% renewables, greatly reliant on wind, left us with a problem that means generator’s are the best buy of the year?

The Spokesperson for the Scottish Government tells us the First Minister had a SGoRR (his Cobra equivalent) meeting and everything is alright as he is in control: and anyway it was a “transient fault”. All who now feel relieved that the Scottish Minsiters have everything under control say “Aye” I thought so: The “Nos” have it.

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Scotland’s visual Legacy

Scotlands turbies


There is a caveat here. Who provided the figures? Scottish Renewables? Surely there are 349 turbines constructed and approved in Aberdeenshire. If that error is reflected in the rest, the situation is dire!

This is a terrible legacy for our next generation. Scottish Renewable’s apologist suggests 2,700 full time equivalent(?) jobs. Ha, what weasel words! I note he fails to quote Scottish jobs. So many in the wind industry are engineers from Germany, Denmark or even Scandinavia. FTE jobs are mostly short term zero hour or part time contracts. What about real full time skilled jobs such as the 275,000 jobs in the tourist industry. That same industry now under threat due to the march of the turbines.As to Com-Ben, we really have to nail this now and put it into perspective as the recent London School of Economics report that identified the loss in value of homes within five kilometres of a wind farm was £5.6 million. This report, based on sale prices, failed to assess the added value of planning blight on those homes that are un-sellable at any price.

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War of the Whirls!

war of the whirls

We can but Dream!

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Ireland Today

irish protest

Slow to catch on, they may have been, but Ireland has girded it’s loins and come out fighting. The Guard (the Police to you and me) estimated numbers at 10,000 although the media suggested 3-4000. Whichever it was it was a great number of Irish residents having their say. To a great extent this was about power for the UK taken from the Irish people with little consultation and little respect to their opinions. One might have thought that history might have taught their leaders a lesson but it would seem that greed took over. Our applause must go to the organisers and the people of Ireland who have stood up to be counted.

Una D’Arcy

On Tuesday, 14 April I marched in Dublin protesting against Industrial Turbines going into rural Ireland. The numbers were smaller than expected, probably because the government issued press releases over the weekend to say the project for the midlands had been shelved.

The taxi drivers on O Connell Street were sweet and they honked their horns in support, while groups involved in the protest walked among the marchers handing out their leaflets. Then we arrived into Molesworth Street, where Fine Gael and Labour could easily count our numbers from the upper windows of the Irish Parliament building Leinster House. The speakers told us what we already knew: we do not want industrial turbines and pylons.

Rural Ireland has been neglected. Tourism and agriculture need immediate attention. The companies behind the Industrial Windfarms and supported by Fine Gael and Labour targeted this area because it is so neglected, so bereft of opportunity, so desperate to survive on a day-to-day basis, that it was ripe for exploitation and destruction. That is still the case.

The people handing out flyers should have taken to the pavements and the city dwellers, who bar the taxi drivers, were uninterested in the march.

Their leaflets should have said- “People of Dublin, this is your issue, this is your countryside- we are only its custodians. The caretakers who send our school kids and scouts to clean rubbish from its ditches when An Taisce sends out the free white plastic bags, who protest when they try to run roads through ancient sites, frack and threaten the water supply, mine and try to fill her green fields with concrete and giant turbines. But it is your countryside.

We should have gone into every hotel and B&B and said your tourists, bringing €4.3 billion annually into this country are not here to see Dublin, they want to see Ireland’s famous unspoilt forty shades of green. When the Industrial turbines and pylons go in, you can kiss that goodbye.

The speakers should have turned their truck around and addressed Leinster House and its occupants: It is they that need to hear that we are calling for change.

The people who marched already knew that. But this is where it becomes complex. To protect our communities we need to fill the glaring gap that will be left now that the Industrial Turbines have been shelved for the moment. The rural economy must be made strong so that it is not living in the shadow of this threat.

Rural Ireland needs immediate investment into practical support for its communities and policies that address the crisis of poverty, neglect and abandonment. The government has been choosy where it elevated into the tourism circuit that needs to stop and more done for Mullingar and north Westmeath. We want a slice of that €4.3 billion. We also want the IDA to put more than less than 1 percent of its investment money into Westmeath.

Public transport is a necessity for rural Ireland. It should not be expected to make a profit. Poverty is an economic outcome caused by crappy, useless policy. One of the elements that is always identified as a cause of poverty is peripherality, in other words, being at the outer boundary of where everything else is happening. If the government is not going to address peripherality by bringing things into rural communities then they have to address it by restoring public transport, so people can travel in to the centre.

Successive governments has done neither and so a crisis is already in our rural communities. No access to employment, no access to health services, no access to amenities, no access to education, training, no quality of life.

Industrialisation of rural Ireland will be inevitable if proper policies to protect this valuable asset is not put into place. So we need an action plan for our communities and we need everyone to realise this is their issue.

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Corruption of Science by our Educators

is global warming realBack in the sixties and seventies teacher training became infected by a Marxist/socialist agenda to such an extent that our local teacher training college was known as Little Russia and the hammer and sickle flags always adorned the windows. It would seem that these graduates have morphed into Climate Change activists and have taken over our schools, colleges and universities. Whilst we must not tar all teachers with this brush, it would seem that those who have now risen to the position of setting the curriculum in schools are well seeded with them. Education in science, as with other subjects, is to question and challenge. Problem is that today we are teaching to pass exams and this means that there is only the one answer. That expected of the invigilators. Ah, but we have coursework I hear them all say. Evidence suggests that coursework must still follow the agreed path as exemplified in Christopher Booker example(below) For many students it would seem that coursework is simply cut and paste from Wikipedia. I know there are some excellent students out there, as there are some excellent schools and teachers, so don’t shoot the messenger. In the mists of time when I was at school, our teachers taught a must wider understanding of the subject. We were taught to understand and then challenge the theories as only in challenging them do you really understand why they have evolved.

To develop the argument to wind, it is fact that schools will teach the dogma of Climate Change and AGW, despite fact suggesting that the evidence has been manipulated to a political end. Schools will build wind turbines in the grounds to prove their green credentials. What they will not accept is those that challenge the dogma presenting their case that wind is not the answer and the reasons why not. Michael Gove has recently suggested that this single track approach to Climate Change is actually illegal. However within the teaching establishment and within councils we have a whole phalanx of highly paid educationalists and eco-advisers for whom the gravy train cannot be derailed. Evidence of that is too readily available. That they are often consumed with an almost religious zealotry makes the situation worse. Their favourite words are denier and sceptic and yet their argument is based on a tissue of lies and inaccuracies. Christopher Booker wrote an interesting article in the Telegraph on the 12th April which is worth consideration. I should make one point clear. There is nothing wrong with teaching children the theory of global warming as long as that teaching presents both sides of the argument. There is little doubt that Climate changes. It has since the Dinosaurs walked the earth. There is little wrong it teaching children that they should respect the earth and all the bounty she provides. There is little wrong in showing how rampant consumerism can denude the earth of it’s resources. However for that there must be a balance. It is our job to educate our children, to teach them to enjoy our world. It is not our job to frighten them half to death by our own prejudices. How long before we see anti fracking posters in our schools? I have seen well presented balanced material for Renewables produced by The Highland Council but I have also seen head teachers welcoming in the wind farm developers whilst refusing the same courtesy to local campaigners. Evidence may show that you are far more likely to find education material provided by such as RWE and SSE in schools than the official information.

Brainwashing about global warming percolates throughout the education system

by Christopher Booker

Not often does a senior Cabinet minister declare that a policy long pursued by his own department is “against the law”. But that was the response of Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, to a report exposing just how profoundly our education system has been hijacked by promoters of the official group-think on global warming.

Expanding on a theme touched on here more than once over the years, the report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by Andrew Montford and John Shade shows how generations of schoolchildren have been taught to accept as gospel nothing but a propagandist, Greenpeace-type view of the global-warming scare, so one-sided that it makes a mockery of the requirement under the 1996 Education Act that pupils only be taught in a balanced way, allowing them to form their own view of the evidence.

So relentless is this brainwashing that it percolates throughout the curriculum, so that even exam papers in French, English or religious studies can ask students to explain why the world is dangerously warming up, or why we must build more wind turbines. In 2012, I described an A-level general studies paper set by our leading exam board, AQA, asking for comment on 11 pages of propagandist “source materials”, riddled with basic errors. A mother wrote to tell me how her intelligent son, after getting straight As on all his science papers, used his extensive knowledge of climate science to point out all their absurd distortions.

He was given the lowest possible mark, a fail. When his mother paid to have his paper independently assessed, the new examiner conceded that it was “articulate, well-structured” and well-informed. But because it did not parrot the party line, it was still given a fail. I fear this corruption of everything that education and science should stand for has become a much more serious scandal than Mr Gove yet realises. 

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Donald Trump in Ireland

Perhaps this should be forwarded to Alex Salmond.

trump irelandWind turbine plan at Trump’s Irish golf course withdrawn
By Ben Robinson, 13 April 2014
Plans for a giant wind farm close to Donald Trump’s new golf course have been thrown out — after the tycoon personally intervened.
The US billionaire recently bought a golf course on the west coast of Ireland for £12.4 million.
He made the investment after losing his fight to stop an off-shore wind farm near his course in Aberdeenshire.
But he landed in a fresh battle after it emerged a planning application for a nine-turbine windfarm had been lodged just miles from Doonbeg, County Clare.
However, the application was mysteriously withdrawn shortly before it was due to go before the council’s planners. Campaigners fighting the development have since revealed Mr Trump called them to offer his help in opposing the bid.
Tony Lowes, director of Friends of the Irish Environment, said: “Mr Trump was very active. He called me up himself and said they were opposed to the windfarm and noticed the work we had done.
“It was certainly an unusual phone call to get. He just said he knew we were very active in the efforts to oppose it and if there was anything that could be done to let him know.”
Mr Lowes had opposed the development, which was a scaled-down version of a larger wind farm turned down last year, over fears it would damage the area’s delicate ecology.
He received a letter from Clare County Council which said the application would not go ahead and was now deemed “invalid”.

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Navitus Bay Wind Farm – A step too close

needlesThe massive Navitus Bay Wind Farm off the South Coast is clearly a step too close for many in the South. Some 194 turbines to be built by Electricité de France and Enercon of the Netherlands is to be built in one of the most congested recreational sailing areas of Europe, covering a staggering 59 square miles. In plain sight of the Needles and from the Isle of Wight, it has generated such comments as they should all be built up North. Recent campaigners have stated that the developers have lied. Tell us about it! Mike Unsworth, Navitus Bay project director, said that its visualisations were “in strict accordance with the recognised industry standards” . And the important words are “recognised industry standards”. The recognised Wind Industry Standards in Scotland for years misquoted the SNH figures of ‘more than 50mm lens’ as 50mm lens. That standard was inaccurate at best and not a peer reviewed judgement. Stirling University has concluded that 75mm is nearest to human perception although I might challenge that as 80mm. Stirling also failed to identify that a 75mm lens on a standard digital camera, due to the size of the receptor chip, will produce a 50mm image. There are various independent studies, such as Alan MacDonald’s “The Visual Issue”, which confirms and quantifies the inaccuracies of “Recognised Industrial Standards” and identify robust and accurate standards for visual interpretation.

When wind farms of this size are built within major sailing areas it does highlight the visual intrusion and practical limitations to such developments. As yet again it is foreign carpetbaggers that intend to rape and pillage UK waters we really have to consider the practicalities of such monstrous edifices. This is a heavily congested area of the sea and part of the Jurassic Coast, immensely important to southern tourism, and as iconic in view as the White Cliffs of Dover. As political expediency creates a direction away from onshore turbines, we should take care that out of sight, out of mind does not still saddle us with an expensive, intermittent and unreliable source of energy which impose on us financial costs that prevent development of a future proof sustainable demand lead energy mix. Therefore we must applaud those in the South that have concluded that Navitus Bay with it’s 194 by 580-656ft turbines, covering 59 square miles, is a ‘step too close’ to the Jurassic Coast.

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Shouldn’t the Environmental NGO’s be protecting our environment?

With the diatribe against fracking from such as Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and no doubt WWF, we should consider where have they been on wind. Not supporting the Environment as we see it. Of course they bought into Global Warming and despite all the evidence to the contrary still tie their wagon to the UN IPCC. Could it be that so many are contributors to it and paid for their services? Certainly Greenpeace’s founder has dis-associated himself from their political machinations. I thought the blow up turbine epitomised the whole things. A load of adolescent university over educated adults making fools of themselves.

It will.of course, depend on the wind NOT blowing to keep it upright and in position.

The irony is possibly lost on Greenpeace

Ivor Ward

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SNP Conference 2014 – Windy City?

‘Out of control’ SNP litter Scotland’s landscape with wind farms

Not a good day for Alex Salmond when all he wanted to talk about was independence and all the papers were talking about was the road crash of his windy aspirations. This article from the Express is but one of those carried by most of the main newspapers! 

73239490JM013_Scottish_WindFigures revealed that, of 4,350 onshore wind turbines across Britain, Scotland has 2,315.

In addition to the existing windfarms scarring Scotland’s landscape, there are an additional 405 turbines under construction.

The figures, from Renewable UK, do not take into account other wind farms making their way through the planning process.

The figures have led to fresh calls for a moratorium on wind farm construction as councils struggle to cope with the number of planning applications.

Tory energy spokesman Murdo Fraser said: “It’s quite incredible to think that, despite only consuming less than 10 per cent of the UK’s energy, Scotland has to suffer 50 per cent of the wind turbines.

“This is a direct result of the SNP waving wind farm developers through, and outmuscling local councils when it comes to the decision-making process.

“It is ludicrous to put such emphasis on intermittent and unreliable energy sources, which can damage the landscape for thousands of residents and tourists.”

It comes just a month after it emerged that the Nationalist Government has lavished £1.8billion in subsidies on wind farm operators since 2007 to meet self-imposed renewable energy targets.

It is ludicrous to put such emphasis on intermittent and unreliable energy sources

Murdo Fraser, Tory energy spokesman

In 2012, the First Minister claimed that the spread of wind farms “enhances our appeal as a country”.

Linda Holt, of campaign group Scotland Against Spin, said: “The First Minister’s obsession with wind energy has made Scotland’s energy policy economically, socially and environmentally unsustainable. Scotland is well on the way to becoming a giant wind farm for the south-east of England, and it’s a terrible irony that a nationalist government has connived in the sell-off of one of our greatest assets.”

Concerns have also been raised by naturalists, who say that developers view remote areas as “easy targets” for wind farms. A spokesman for the John Muir Trust said: “We have been concerned at the growing proliferation over the past five years of large scale wind farms across rugged wild land, especially in the Highlands. Because these upland locations are sparsely populated with few voters, energy companies and politicians tend to see them as a soft target.”

A spokesman for Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said: “The statistics simply reflect Scotland’s vast green energy potential. With a quarter of Europe’s offshore wind, a quarter of the continent’s tidal power and a tenth of its wave power potential, our renewable energy reserves are helping create many thousands of jobs, and bring investment and opportunity to communities across the country.”

When will the Scottish Government stop parroting these ridiculous and blatantly untrue statements when offshore wind, tidal and wave is proving an impossible and exceedingly expensive dream. Scotland’s ‘vast green energy potential’ is driving Scotland towards penury. What the SNP has done is divide Scotland in a way that not even the Jacobite Revolution, Cumberland or the Clearances ever did. Wake up Mr. Ewing and smell the coffee!


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Offshore Wind – Future Sustainable Energy?

Corrosion at the splash area of an offshore turbine. Source: "Inspection Guidance for Offshore Wind Turbine Facilities"

Corrosion at the splash area of an offshore turbine.
Source: “Inspection Guidance for Offshore Wind Turbine Facilities”

Is this the future of Off-shore wind. This take after only a few years in service. Oil rigs are regularly brought inshore for routine maintenance which is not possible with the hundreds of turbines fixed to the sea bed. The saline environment that is the North Sea with the weather conditions prevailing there suggests that the cost of off-shore wind will only increase expotentially. A nightmare of our own creation.

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Thanks to wind energy, “Smart” Fridges will automatically shut off during peak demand times

Dougal Quixote:

And Food Poisoning Cases will shoot through the Roof? What is not appreciated is that when fridges are turned back on they automatically go through a defrost cycle which uses considerably more energy than when operating as a fridge! Just shows how brain dead these numpties are.

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:

Wind farm expansion will require fridges to be switched off at times of peak demand

Emily Gosden — The Telegraph (UK) — April 10, 2014

Britain’s increasing reliance on wind power in the 2020s could cause power shortages without a radical overhaul of the grid, including automatic control of household appliances.

Household fridges and freezers will need to be automatically switched off at times when Britain’s electricity demand is high, in order to keep the lights on as Britain becomes more reliant on wind energy, experts say.

The current electricity grid will struggle to cope with the number of wind farms expected to be built by the early 2020s because the power they produce is so intermittent, according to a report from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

A radical overhaul of the way the electricity system is managed – including a “smart grid” that can control household appliances to reduce…

View original 217 more words

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In Europe, Coal is King!


Maasvlakte Coal Power Station, Rotterdam

In the Netherlands they are opening three new coal fired power stations, although they nod to green with the inclusion of biomass. However not more than 10% which leaves 90% coal. In Germany ten new hard coal power stations will be built over the next two years with a capacity of 7.985GW. More than the total UK onshore wind capacity and coal is 24/7 base load production. Germany is also involved in brown coal (lignite) generation as well as reconditioning older power station. So what is the UK doing. The DECC point to closing power stations and have no plans to replace with any new ones. Recent discoveries of coal off the Welsh coast suggests that we have the supply capacity running into centuries. In fact gasification of North Sea off-shore coal reserves could reduce energy costs even below shale gas prices.

And why are we failing to address coal. In blind obedience to EU Doctrine. (Often written by Green UK advisors)

Wind is truly so last year!


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Do they care about the Little People?

Copyright SSE

Copyright SSE

This is a very interesting letter from someone who lives in the shadow of the Hunterston offshore turbine built onshore. It was sent to their local MP. Note the photograph from SSE, and in fact all photo from the Renewable Industry, carefully cuts out any view of local residents!

My address is one of the closest to the giant offshore turbine looming over us at Hunterston. I am extremely concerned at the possibility of health issues caused by the known damage infra-sound can do to the brain,and feel we are being used as human guinea pigs in this experiment. Are you aware that in 2013, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ruled that the United Kingdom was in breach of article 7 of the Aarhus Convention, in that it had failed to adequately advise the public of the dangers that wind turbines threaten to human health?
I have first hand evidence to support this contention. Two of my close relatives, both Doctors,had to leave their lovely house in North Yorkshire after a wind farm was erected in a field close by,because they were fully aware of the dangers this posed to them and their children. Their house plummeted in value and they lost a great deal of money in making this move. NAC. must be aware that in locating these monster turbines close to habitation they 
are lowering the value of our properties,so this is not only a health issue.
There is a strong possibility that the Westminster government will cut back on the huge grants enjoyed  by wind energy which might herald the death knell of this inefficient form of energy production. The proof of this is that German industry is becoming uncompetitive because wind energy is too intermittent and too expensive. They are now going back to coal fired Power Stations in a big way. 20 under construction I believe. The only thing that keeps Scotland competitive energy wise is our ageing atomic power stations which our leaders want to close down. Until these concerns are answered I think NAC should call a halt to the erection of any more turbines.
Jack Bryson
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A Report is only as good as the Data available

nil valueProfessor Stephen Gibbons of the London School of Economics has produced a valuable report, Gone with the Wind,  Valuing the Visual Impacts of Wind turbines, which is the first such independent report since the 2007 RICS statement, so often paraded by Scottish Ministers and Scottish Renewables, despite the authors caution that it was a snapshot in time when wind was a very new commodity. We must commend Prof Gibbons on such a detailed analysis.

This recent London School of Economics Report quantifies the loss of value but we may consider fails to adequately cover the Planning Blight that results in houses that simply will not sell. No sale equals no statistics! Prof Gibbins has done a good job but he can only work with the sales statistics available. We need to make him aware of houses that don’t sell, buyers that withdraw when they find a wind farm is planned locally and those that have sold far below their market price or simply been abandoned. We are aware of many that estate agents simply refuse to take instruction on because they know they won’t be able to sell them. We know of many others where owners are trapped in their homes due to the negative equity created by the drop in price. Those that have been on the market for a year or more and have elicited no viewings. These are the blind statistics that are on no records. Anecdotal evidence is of little use to such reports but detail with name, address, wind farm/turbine proximity and contact details to verify the information would prove a valuable resource. We may even encourage a revision. Prof Gibbons email is s.gibbons@lse.ac.uk

On knock on impact of the LSE report has been analysed with a serious extrapolation. Rough calculations based on the estimates suggest that the implied social costs on the local community (within four kilometres) amounts to about £5.6 million per operational wind farm, or about £210 per household per year. That makes a mockery of Community Benefit!

There is also the opportunity of influencing a report commission by the Scottish Government on this same issue. That the parameters are extremely narrow will come as no surprise to those of us experienced in the machinations of Holyrood. However it is always good to talk so use this opportunity to address the organ grinder whilst you have the chance. The two people involved are the instigator, Sue Kearns ( sue.kearns@scotland.gsi.gov.uk ) and the author, Professor Gwilym Pryce ( Gwilym.Pryce@glasgow.ac.uk )



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