Energy Consents Unit

At the Elgin meeting both John Swinney and the First Minister were insistent that the Energy consents Unit, situated at Atlantic Quay in Glasgow and as alien to Scotland’s Wild Lands as Hog Weed to our ecology, refuses unsuitable applications. We challenged them on both the naming as Consents and the track record. We will leave you to judge on this track record yourselves.

Abercainy                  66mw              refused 08.09.2006

Calliachar                  62mw              refused 10.09.2007

Clashindarroch         129mw            refused 10.09.2007

Greenock                    55mw              refused 23.07.2007

Kyle                            255mw            refused 24.10.2008

Lewis                          652mw            refused 21.04.2008

Spittal Hill                 81mw            refused 13.06.2012

Gleneagles                 16mw              refused 21.12.2011

As Lewis and Kyle were both very contentious and Lewis had as much to do with the lack of a £700million interconnector to the mainland, that effectively means that, according to the Consents web page, only one Section 36 wind farms have been refused since 2007. Gleneagles was an appeal to a refusal by local planning, less than 50mw. Considering the amount turned down by local planning, if this is democracy then I am a Dutchman! Problem is Politicians and Government believe the Green Thing and convince themselves that this must all be done in The Public Interest. The public interest is rarely to the benefit of the public but to the ambitions of the Politicians who promote it and the pockets of the financiers who stand to benefit from it. Next time a Politician or Civil Servant refers to The Public Interest, check whose hand is in your purse or wallet! So what chance do we, the ordinary rural population, have in stemming the First Ministers ambitions “In the Public Interest”. On the score card as of now, I would suggest not a lot! Therefore we must shout loud and long that Democracy must be served. By the end of this Parliament, at todays pace, it will, in the venacular of modern manufaturing, be “TBL”.

*TBL is the opposite to JIT(just in time) and is known by all engineers as “Too Bloody Late”


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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