Climate and the Black Cab

What’s the difference between a taxi driver and a so called climate scientist?

The taxi drivers have the knowledge the climate scientists have just got their theory.

I remember speaking to a oceanographer. He pointed out that most climate change was due to water vapour and how it was affected by Oceans. Good point. He also pointed out that there were no climatologists who were also oceanographers. That I can’t confirm. Modern science has become compartmentalised but the truth of most events in the world is that they are affected by a great numbers of sciences. Vulcanology, oceanography, glacialogy, meterology, astrophysics to name but a few. What the truth is about climate and weather is affected by all of these and many more and yet each individual science tends to keep it’s theories separate. It should be like a great cake: a bit of heat, a little fluid, a mix of flour, sugar and fruit. No element alone makes a cake. So where do Climatologists come in? Good question. Climatology is effectively a relatively new science and the one that makes it’s practicioners the most money. Ok, in it’s pure form it has been around since the Greeks but perhaps should in that form be referred to as atmospheric sciences. It is simply the study of weather averaged over a period of time. It is in essence a record of History. It is simply not equipped to predict the future. But that is what they have all been trying to do. That is where it has all gone terribly wrong for them. Predictions within their time frames have proved plain wrong. Doesn’t actually mean that the theory will not come to pass over a longer timescale but by predicting as they did they have ended up looking fools. Problem is that modern technology favoured by Climatologists such as satelites and ultra accurate thermometers are fairly new additions. This is what created the Hockey Stick effect. Measurements have been made over hundreds of years but not to modern standards so Climatologists have simply calculated their hypothesis on recent data. More and more of this has found to be flawed and the hypothesis of Global Warming and Climate Change has proved to be debatable. Look at any Climate Blogs and you will find the debate very heated at times. Climatologsits don’t do themslves any favours by referring to any that fail to agree their hypothesis as Climate Deniers or Sceptics. Sceptiscm is a very healthy element in science. Even Einstein said it does not take a hundred scientists to prove me right, it only takes one to prove me wrong. Variations in weather events have proved to repeat over periods of time, sometimes seven years, sometimes twenty and often a hundred. The Hundred years flood! Whilst the artic can be shown to be thawing this summer faster, the antartic has increased it’s ice shelf. Greenpeace has been very vocal recently but this is the group recently stripped of charitable status by the New Zealand Government due to their political policies. BBC shows frightening photos but they are created not real. Can we trust their comments. Not on past record and not if you consider the direct on Climate Change from the BBC Trust. USA, Russia, Norway and the UK have research vessels in the area but from them we have heard no corroboration. Strange. Having been a fisherman during the Cod Wars off Iceland and as far North as the Ice pack, I can tell you that in summer it is quite easy to replicate those views seen on our TV screens. That does not mean that when the winter returns most of those waters won’t return to an ice shelf. We do know that at the moment the earth is at the extremity of it’s tilt. We also know that the sun is very active with solar flares. What we do not know is which is cause and which is affect. Which is simply a weather event and which is a climate shift. Climate will change as it has over millenium. Do we panic or simply adapt as man and animals have since the birth of time? In fact a more serious effect on our world is not climatic but social. The continuing growth of the population and the ability to feed and control it. Nothing new and sometimes the way that it has been controlled is best described as cataclysmic. Nature has a way of controlling the balance way beyond our pathetic attempts. In 3000BC we had the mass migration from Palestine(socio economic effect), we had the loss of the Mayan culture. Contrary to what people think, nothing is new. Ask the Dinosaurs! Perhaps the greatest error of the cliatologists was to allow themselves to become politicised. In chasing the big research bucks they became the tool of the politicians and of the political activits in such organisations as Greenpeace, FoE and WWF. At the same time by employing climate “experts” these organisations moved away from their origins and joined by such as RSPB became Political Pressure Groups. Their aims are far removed from their origins and their founders would be horrified at some of the characters that are now found within their management. So, next time you want to know the weather over the weekend, ask the guy driving the Black Cab, not the Climate Scientist!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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