Wind = Clean, Green Free Energy?

That is what the Wind Industry and the Politicians want us to believe but let’s consider. We know that each base needs one thousand tons of concrete and yet cement is one of the worst polluters known to man in it’s manfacture. We know digging up peat and cutting trees is destroying our natural carbon sink. We know that we have no way to recycle the fibreglass blades from wind farms and worse any carbon fibre ones and we know that it is illegal to bury them in the EU. I suppose we will simply send them half way around the world to be cut up in some third world country. Now that will leave an interesting carbon footprint! We know that each turbine uses up to four tons of neodymium, the rare earth mineral mined in Mongolia in

Don’t worry folks. You don’t have to look them in the eyes!

one of the worst pollution examples that the world has ever seen. Now think on. An American visitor to a friend was confused as they were of the opinion that wind was clean, free and green. Their first reaction was ‘aren’t wind farms good then – don’t they produce clean energy?’ My friend enlightened them. I think the copper bit did it! 16 tons in each onshore turbine. Two tons of Sulphur Dioxide for every ton of copper produced. 32 tons of SO2 for every turbine. Sulphur Dioxide = acid rain = destroys the environment. Well it ain’t clean, it ain’t green and it cetainly ain’t free. It is a proven fact that wind, onshore and off, is far more expensive than any other form of energy. It’s all about energy density. Don’t ever forget coal, gas and oil are all free at source. So is nuclear for that matter. It is the cost of mining, drilling and distribution that costs money. Exactly the same with wind. But the energy density means that the infrastructure, wind farms, pylons and transformers spread over a far greater area, make wind the expensive option. And that’s before you add the subsidies/incentives that doubles the cost of wind energy that we are obliged to pay for in our electricity bills through the Renewable Obligation costs. In Spain, where the government paid the subsidies, they now have a €86billion black hole in the countries finances. They are effectively bust! No wonder they have stopped the subsidies!

So remember the 32 tons of Sulphur Dioxide(Acid Rain), remember the carcinogenic tailing lakes in Mongolia that are needed to make the up to 4 tons of neodymium in EACH turbine, remember the the thousands of trees and thousands of tons of peat extraction, remember the fossil fuels required to make cement for the 1000 tons of concrete in EACH base. Now multiply that by the tens of thousands of turbines in Europe. The four thousand already built in the UK and thousands more in planning. Next time someone tells you that wind is clean, green and free, tell them to study the facts not the spin from the wind industry!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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4 Responses to Wind = Clean, Green Free Energy?

  1. snowie says:

    What an excellent, precise and accurate article. Just what I needed to show to my friends who are taken in by the pro wind spin.

  2. dave ward says:


  3. gold price says:

    Something which, surprisingly, is entirely ignored in this article is the ecological footprint left by the process of manufacturing wind turbines – namely, the mining of rare-earth metals. 95% of these come from China, and the environmental impact of these mines is, frankly, appalling.

    • Elsewhere in this blog you will find an article on Neodymium (use the search facility) and the disgraceful situation in China. Now Australia, whilst mining the ores is trying to persuade another nation to process them. When Friends of the earth were asked about the Chinese/Mongolian situation, their response was “More people died in the cultural revolution”. Remember though that these Rare Earth metals are used in a variety of other consumables from I-pads to electric cars, albeit in far smaller quantities. A moral dilemma or something people ignore. Ignorance for many is bliss! I do however concede that it should have been included but I am but one poor scribe, not legion!

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