Now even the Secretary of State recognises it as a Bribe!

Yes, we know the likes of Tim Yeo and Gummer believe in Bribes. Seems Ed Davey does too. I really wish that politicians would not judge the rest of the Country by their own duplicious standards aptly displayed by the expenses scandal. We see how easily they can be bought with lobbyist’s lunches, trips to the US (Mr. Barker) and all the other dodgy dealings that go on in the corridors of power. Are our political classes corrupt? That I will leave to your judgement but certainly they consider us, the people, corruptible. This displays not only a contempible lack of understanding but an arrogance that beggars belief. Do they honestly think that the destruction of the countryside, the all pervading noise of turbines and the sleepless nights, the loss of property values and the division of rural communities is simply ameliorated by some extra swings in the play park and a few pennies off the electricity bill. They really don’t get it! As a Secretary of State with a city constituency makes the comment “playing a vital role in meeting the national need for secure, clean energy”. Is he really that naive? Is he really that stupid? Does he not know that for every mw of wind you need a mw of fossil or nuclear backup. As he reads the Guardian and the Independent has he not seen the remarks in ‘Der Speigel’ that refer to Germany’s new coal and gas building programme, the problems/instability of their grid. Does he only read the briefing papers from the DECC, no doubt written and edited by Renewables UK and FoE. Perhaps if he got his head out of the sand, listened to the over one hundred Conservative back benchers, to the engineers and the grid technicians, in fact the people who pay his wages, the penny might drop. Remove Mr. Yeo and Lord Deben for your twitter list, unfriend them on your Facebook Page and join the real world.

‘Bribes for wind farms’: neighbourhoods that accept turbines to be rewarded with playgrounds and cheaper bills

Communities will be “bribed” with rewards such as new playgrounds for accepting wind farms under plans by the Energy Secretary to revive the green agenda.

Definition of Bribe: money or any other valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person or persons.

Note the term “CORRUPTING”

By Rowena Mason, Political Correspondent, The Telegraph.

7:00AM BST 17 Sep 2012

Ed Davey, a senior Liberal Democrat, will lay out proposals to encourage more onshore farms despite George Osborne’s efforts to stop the march of heavily-subsidised wind turbines across the countryside.

The minister will announce a “call for evidence” this week to look at whether wind developers should give financial incentives to towns and villages near turbines.

Some companies already do this, especially in Scotland, but Mr Davey is looking at whether it should be “best practice” for all wind developers to offer rewards such as local amenities or cheaper energy bills.

The idea has been championed by Tim Yeo, the chairman of the energy committee, who has said ministers must be “prepared to bribe” local communities.

“What we have to do is work harder to find places where wind farms are acceptable but also, secondly, as this is what we’re not yet doing, be more creative about sharing some of the benefits directly with those local communities,” he said earlier this year.

The plan is unlikely to mollify the group of more than 100 Conservative MPs who wrote an open letter objecting to the wave of costly and unsightly wind projects in the British countryside.

However, Mr Davey is hoping the incentives might appeal directly to local communities.

A Whitehall source said: “We are not deaf to the controversy around onshore wind. Indeed we are sensitive to it. We don’t want communities to feel that onshore wind is damaging their way of life, rather that they are playing a vital role in meeting the national need for secure, clean energy.

“And we certainly don’t want hostility from communities to local onshore wind farms to poison a wider debate that is critical to the UK’s energy security.”

Mr Davey recently won a battle with the Chancellor to make sure subsidies for onshore wind farms are only cut by 10 per cent, rather than 25 per cent.

However, Mr Osborne secured a £500 million tax break for North Sea gas companies as part of a plan to get more of Britian’s energy from gas.

At the moment there are more than 3,000 onshore wind turbines, generating just three per cent of total electricity.


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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One Response to Now even the Secretary of State recognises it as a Bribe!

  1. “Frankly, we need to be prepared to bribe them.” Timothy Stephen Yeo MP.

    Clearly needs to read the Bribery Act 2010.

    Has Yeo committed an offence under section 2 of this Act ? :-
    The Serious Crime Act 2007

    This act replaces the common-law offence of incitement with three new statutory offences, with effect from 1 October 2008:

    1/ Intentionally encouraging or assisting an offence: under section 44 of the Act, someone commits this offence if they engage in an activity that encourages or assists the commission of an offence; and they intend to encourage or assist in its commission.
    2/ Encouraging or assisting an offence believing it will be committed: under section 45 of the Act, someone will commit this offence if they engage in an activity that encourages or assists the commission of an offence; and they believe that the offence will be committed and their act will encourage its commission.
    3/ Encouraging or assisting offences believing one or more will be committed: the components for this offence under section 46 are the same as under section 45, except that the person encouraging or assisting the commission of the offences has no belief as to which specific offence will be committed (yet believes that one will be).

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