Is our way of life to be destroyed?

I read a short post from a village near Huddersfield and the comments sent a chill down my spine.

 But they do give a damn about wreaking havoc!!! Oh and lining their back pockets.. Our village has been been ruined by building..You look towards the horizon and see 13 lumbering loathsome monstrosities as a vista. We’ve never had any crime..everyone knew each other & looked out for their neighbours. All that is gone. We are now classed as a Urban Corridor…and that means another 1200 houses and 32 acres of Greenbelt for Industrial Units. As a Village we mounted a strong campaign that lasted 13yrs. Our Council & Planning department used every dirty trick in the book to proceed. Democracy is finished.

What should concern us is that this is no longer an isolated case. I think many of us could point to a similar community now. Community Benefit is the silent poison. Councillors swoon with excitement as a developer promises thousands of new homes on green field sites. Local people and communities are over-ridden for the Greater Good. Whose Greater Good? Certainly not the local communities that have been the local ratepayers for the last decades. For urbanites who want to move away from the cities that these Councillors and Planners have run so well? It is all about money. Money corrupts the system and so it has been with wind farms. Even when local demacracy awakens, nation democracy emasculates it. As the writer says, ‘Democracy is dead’. Perhaps, but perhaps it is simply slumbering and it is up to the people to take it by the hand and shake it awake. Councillors and MPs/MSPs are only there by our hand. Democracy is a slow animal and takes years to work but all these people will have soon to face their electorate. Perhaps it is time for us to become politicised. To join our parties; red, white, yellow or blue; and take control away from centrist organisation to local constituencies. If all the wind farm objectors in an area joined the local political parties they would swamp the few activists and soon outvote the established members. Most local parties actually have very few members. Soon we, the people, would wrest control of our politics from those that have proved very poor in their management. Just don’t all become asimulated by ‘the Borg’. We have enough brian dead in politics already. Many people are turning to UKIP but I must caution that. Divide and Rule! The split towards UKIP will favour the left and damage the right of the political spectrum. Don’t forget who signed the Climate Treaty at four in the morning “feeling a little emotional” – Tony Blair. Who was the Energy Minister in the former administration who got us in all this mess and gave the Big Green Light to the Wind Farm developers – Milliband.  Many years ago I saw an american movie where a guy stood for President under the slogen “None of the above”. Needless to say, he got appointed. It was a movie! I can’t help thinking that someting of that ilk would find favour today. How about a Games Maker’s Party. They managed what everyone thought was impossible. Unification of the Country behind the Olympic fiasco.

Now that’s an idea! The meak shall inherit the earth.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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