The First Minister is in Denial.

The First Minister stated yesterday that he did not think that there was any serious evidence that windfarms were incompatible with the landscape. I would counter that there is no serious evidence that they are not, but a great deal of evidence that people don’t like them. As the old wartime ditty made famous by Dad’s Army goes “Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Hitler” I think the easiest response to him was to provide a recent letter to the Galloway Gazette:

Until now my main objection to so-called windfarms is that they do not do what they say on the label, are costing we consumers a fortune and are damaging to the environment.

The visual aspect has always been quite low on my list. But Sunday, October 7, was such a beautiful day I decided to walk up Craignaw which I can now access from the forest tracks at the back of my house due to clear felling.

The walk was excellent and the vista from the top allowed me to clearly see the Isle of Man, the Mull of Galloway, Ireland and Ailsa Craig, with Argyll beyond. Unfortunately, this was ruined by the 110 turbines up to 500ft high of Artfield Fell, Balmurrie Fell, Arecleoch and Mark Hill windfarms.

To see Ailsa Craig sticking 
up from a forest of turbines made me want to weep. I 
could see every one of these turbines without even turning my head.

Unfortunately, this is only the start of the turbinisation of such a beautiful landscape as several hundred more turbines are in the pipeline or already approved for construction.

I would like to invite 
every one of our politicians to look at this view and explain to me why this destruction of our landscape is in anyone’s interest other than the developer and land owner.

Ben Palmer, 
Newton Stewart.

And out of the mouths of babes was a short commentary by a Driver of a truck transporting Bio-mass for Eddie Stobart on the TV last evening who pointed to the turbines on the M74 and remarked that they grow by the day and at this rate Scotland will soon take off. His remarks were how someone could deface such a beautiful view with these mamoth horrors. If an ordinary truck driver, used to the industrial wastes of the Midlands, can put that point forward, I suggest we need a new First Minister with some brains and compassion rather than a cabbage between his ears.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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2 Responses to The First Minister is in Denial.

  1. A friend of mine has just sent me this regarding the FM:

    He is sinking. Even people on the outside of all this wind farm BS are beginning to sense he is losing it. Today my husband sent his young helper across the road to buy the P&J. On the young lad’s return, all the big Scottish builders on site were looking at the front page and mocking Salmond. Youngish, working-class blokes with heavy Scottish accents, born and bred up here, walking around mocking Wee Eck, shouting, ‘My ancestors died in Culloden! I want independence!’.
    What was great was they were laughing at him. None of these guys wanted independence. They hate wind farms. And they think our leader is a bowl of tripe.

    An interesting statement and it backs up what I know of the local farming community. Yes, there are devout SNP supporters but they are increasingly isolated to the retired and plain dim. They are the dreamers of a Scotland passed, not present. They are the ones who don’t like incomers but whose family are now living in London, Syndey or Los Angeles. They hope that independence will bring their family home and the prosperity of Salmond’s dream will create a nirvana.

  2. Brian Bell says:

    Although I am generally supportive of SNP there is no way I will ever vote for independence with Salmond in charge. He is nothing other than a tin-pot dictator. He certainly does not appear to believe in democracy judging by the way local authority refusals to grant planning permission to wind farms are regularly over-ruled.

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