It’s only a Fairy Tale!

Once upon a time in a far off place called Stunningland there was a goblin called Alex who hated everything beautiful. Every day he looked in the mirror and said to his reflection ‘Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most arrogant one of all?’ and the mirror would reply ‘you are – your Excellency and your work is not yet done’. Alex would chuckle to himself and go to work in the large, hugely over budget, purpose built Adoration Chamber in Follyrood, where his minions or Goblets gathered to listen to his every word.
‘Go forth worthless ones and do my bidding’ he said. ‘I want you to destroy all that is precious in Stunningland. Everything that the cretinous people love and cherish so that they know I can control every aspect of their lives and they can do nothing about it. Destroy the landscapes, the seascapes, the wildlife in the air, the seas and on the land, the communities that have held together for generations and while you are doing it stamp on any glimmers of democracy that may exist. I want it snuffed out so the people know I have to be obeyed’. Off the Goblets would scurry and do his bidding. This continued for many years until there was an uprising among the people of the Stunningland and they cried ‘Enough is enough’. They armed themselves with knowledge and proof and they humiliated and ridiculed the King Goblin and his Goblets until no-one believed anything they said and they were banished from the Kingdom forever. Anon.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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5 Responses to It’s only a Fairy Tale!

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  2. Highlander says:

    Oh dear – who on earth is that about?

  3. BROKEN PROMISES – A CAUTIONARY TALE A long, long time ago, in a far off northern land, where the lochs and mountains meet, where the Red Stags roared in the glens and the Eagles and Kites soared in the skies there came to pass that a chancer, The Deceiver, who was so believable, promised the people of this northern land great riches and wealth. ‘Follow me,’ he said. ‘We will throw off the shackles of oppression wreaked upon us by the government of the southern land. I promise I will save you if you will have me as your leader. I will make sure you have heat and light, jobs, good health and we will save our northern land from the fuels of the past and we will lead the world in saving our planet.’ And the people followed. They believed the words and promises of The Deceiver. They laughed at his jokes and when he smirked and mocked the people of the southern land. They thought him their saviour and waited for his promises to come true. They waited and they waited and they waited. One by one they saw he had fooled them just as he had fooled those that worshipped him. They saw him court the wealthy and the famous and spend the money of the people on things other than them. They watched in horror as he waved his arms and decreed that the northern land would have its heart ripped out by the richest developers from over the seas. ‘We must,’ he cried. ‘We will be doomed if we don’t; the oceans will rise and we will all die – The Almighty God Gore say it is so – so it must be.’ The Developers came in their hundreds. An army of deception flooded into the northern land and no tide could hold it back. Huge rewards were offered by The Deceiver. ‘Take this money and tear up the peatlands, the mountains, the hills – take no heed of the people, they know nothing. Build your towers with outstretched arms that will dominate the northern land for a generation and destroy the land in which they are placed for hundreds of years.You will be paid by the people if they work and paid by the people if they don’t – you will never lose – I promise you.’ And it was then that the people saw their leader for what he was. He had promised them heat and light and yet they no longer could afford to have it, as their money went to pay The Developers for their useless towers. He had promised them jobs but The Developers brought their own, to labour and toil on the destruction he had ordered. He had promised them good health but the people were plagued with illness and stress wherever The Developers went. He had promised them he would save the northern land but he had destroyed it. He had promised to save them from the fuels of the past but they were still there because the towers didn’t work. They no longer laughed at his jokes and now thought him foolish and arrogant. They cringed when he blamed the people of the southern land for all the wrong in the northern land and felt embarrassment and shame at what had happened to all around them. The Stags, the Eagles and the Kites they loved had all gone – the Stags frightened away by The Developers and the Eagles and Kites victims of the towers with the outstretched arms. He had promised and he had promised and he had promised and nothing ever came true for the people who loved their homeland. They now wept at the destruction which the leader, whom they had followed, had ordered to be done. The people of the northern land became very angry. They began to join together to protect their homeland and drive out their leader and The Developers he had welcomed from over the seas. It took many months but the people’s army grew and grew and grew until The Deceiver had to flee the northern land, never to be forgiven, or seen again. Anon Thank you Anon whoever you may be.

  4. Brenda says:

    Would love our leader to read these but fear his ego is impervious. Is this how dictatorships start?

  5. gmlindsay says:

    How can this be a fairy tale when it is absolutely true – when you make a couple of name changes!!

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