Wind turbines can be hazardous to health!

Infrasound is a dangerous and debilitating element that the Government has failed to address under pressure from the wind industry. Follow this link to a very interesting piece of research. Wind Turbines can be harmful to Human Health

The erroneous assumption is that effects of low frequency sound can only be mediated through hearing, so that if infrasounds could not be heard then they could not possibly affect human physiology.

Such an assumption is absurd and does not apply to other sensory systems of the body.

We know there are countless things we cannot TASTE that can harm us. Tetrodotoxin (puffer fish poison), salmonella and cholera toxin are some examples of things we can’t taste that can sicken or kill us.

We know there are many things that we cannot SMELL that can harm us. The lethal dangers of breathing carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide are well established.

We know there are things that we cannot SEE that can harm us. It is well established that ultraviolet light is invisible, yet it can make someone’s life miserable, with skin burns and eye damage if they are exposed to excessive amounts.

So, one wonders what was the scientific basis of the assumption that sounds that could not be heard could have no influence on the body. According to Alves-Pereira and Castelo Branco (Prog Biophys Mol Biol 2007; 93:256) the statement that “What you can’t hear, won’t hurt you” is attributable to a 2001 newspaper article by a sound engineer (Campanella) related to the “Kokomo Hum”. The point is that this concept was not established by a medical doctor or researcher with specific knowledge of the ear but was introduced by someone with limited knowledge of inner ear physiology. As such, this concept represents an unfounded speculation. Nevertheless it has been repeated often enough to become accepted in some circles as a proven fact.

This is re-iterated time and again at PLIs where noise experts, often from both sides of the argument dismiss low frequency noise and infrasound. I am partially deaf and I can tell them something without the high fees paid to consultants. They are WRONG! For an interesting paper on unexplained Low Fequency Noise at distances up to 25 miles this is an interesting read

What the illustration below summarizes is our knowledge of the physiologic pathways in the ear that show sounds CAN affect the brain by pathways that are unrelated and are more sensitive than hearing.


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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