82% of section 36 Wind Farms approved- NO! 93% since 2009

The Scottish Government has admitted that 82% of Section 36 (over 50mw) wind farms

Yes, This is a real photo, not a photomontage

have been approved since 2007, but that is only half the story. Since Mr. Salmond’s promise of 100% renewable energy (2009) the figure is 93% approved. In fact only 7%(1) of wind farms have been refused in the large scale wind farms. Now that is an open door policy to wind if ever I saw one!

Under s36 of The Electricity Act, Scottish Ministers have determined 35 wind farm applications since 2007. Of these, 29 applications were consented and 6 were rejected.


This list is as a follows.


Name of Development Tech MW Decision Made PLI? Decison  
Clashindarroch Onshore Wind 129 10-09-2007 Y Rejected  
Mid Hill Onshore Wind 75 10-01-2008 N Consented  
Carraig Gheal Onshore Wind 60 13-06-2008 N Consented  
Black Craig Onshore Wind 69 22-03-2011 Y Consented  
Harestanes Onshore Wind 213 10-09-2007 Y Consented  
Kyle Onshore Wind 255 24-10-2008 N Rejected  
Whitelee Extension Phase 1 Onshore Wind 130 20-05-2009 N Consented  
Whitelee Extension Phase 2 Onshore Wind 141 11-12-2009 N Consented  
Crystal Rig Phase II(a) Onshore Wind 27 29-07-2008 N Consented  
Galawhistle Onshore Wind 55 08-08-2012 N Consented  
Gordonbush Onshore Wind 87.5 09-04-2008 N Consented  
Millennium Onshore Wind 15 07-08-2009 N Consented  
Kilbraur Extension Onshore Wind 20 14-09-2009 N Consented  
Baillie Onshore Wind 52.5 12-01-2010 Y Consented  
Dunmaglass Onshore Wind 99 29-12-2010 N Consented  
Strathy North Onshore Wind 80.5 22-11-2011 N Consented  
Lochluichart Onshore Wind 51 22-12-2008 N Consented  
Spittal Hill Onshore Wind 77.5 13-06-2012 Y Rejected  
Lochluichart Extension Onshore Wind 18 02-10-2012 N Consented  
Greenock Onshore Wind 59 03-08-2007 Y Rejected  
Berry Burn Onshore Wind 78.3 07-08-2009 N Consented  
Rothes Extension Onshore Wind 45 12-01-2010 N Consented  
Doronell Onshore Wind 177 28-12-2011 Y Consented  
Black Law Onshore Wind 69 22-03-2011 N Consented  
Calliacher Onshore Wind 62.1 10-09-2007 Y Rejected  
Griffin Onshore Wind 204 31-01-2008 Y Consented  
Fallago Rig Onshore Wind 144 09-11-2010 Y Consented  
Viking Onshore Wind 457 04-04-2012 N Consented  
Stornoway Onshore Wind 126 07-09-2012 N Consented  
Mark Hill Onshore Wind 84 25-06-2008 N Consented  
Arecleoch Onshore Wind 180 25-06-2008 N Consented  
Clyde Onshore Wind 548 21-07-2008 Y Consented  
Lewis Onshore Wind 652 21-04-2008 N Rejected  
Muaitheabhal Onshore Wind 118.8 14-01-2010 Y Consented  
Muaitheabhal East Extension Onshore Wind 21.6 28-12-2011 N Consented  

About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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