£2 billion Giveaway by Ed Davey

money_down_toilet-150x150So we have six more years of austerity in front of us. With thieves like our Secretary of State for Energy around we should not be surprised. He is dipping his hands into every one of our pockets to the tune of £70 to finance his Lib-Dim aspiration to provide £2 billion to the Third World to help them fight Climate Change. If he had done this to the locals in Dohar, I have little doubt that under Sharia Law, the one the Lib-Dims are so enthusiastic about for Muslims in the UK, they would have simply chopped his hand off! I am seeing the benefits already!

Australian reports say it better than I can so I will simply include their comments.

Britain yesterday pledged almost £2 billion in “climate aid” to help finance foreign projects including wind turbines in Africa and greener cattle farming in Colombia.

Each household will contribute £70 to schemes to tackle climate change in developing countries before March 2015, under plans championed by Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary.

What we need to consider is that China is fast colonising Africa where “aid” is a swap for minerals and all construction projects use Chinese labour and management. Any of the £2 billion spent in Africa will soon disappear to China in exchange for solar panels and turbines, assembled by Chinese engineers with profits going back to Chinese companies. What should not be forgotten is that these mamoth grants were in exchange for votes. The Dohar meeting for the west may have been about Climate Change, but for India, Africa and other “third world” countries, it was about MONEY. Their votes were simply cash cards to be traded for more overseas aid. It was noticeable that one of just two areas not under attack in the latest Autumn Statement was International Aid. Sorry guys, Charity starts at home and we will have millions more in fuel poverty this year. Our health service is nearly a basket case. Our benefits system is undergoing drastic change, not before time. However there will be casualties and we cannot afford grandiose gestures on the international stage whilst our own economy descends to that of the third world thanks, Mr. Salmond, to our Energy Policy. There are rays of hope in the last “budget” but until renewables are nothing but a bad dream, we need to lock our Secretary of States cheque book away in the safe and remove all his colouring crayons!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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