Loch Ness Ring of Steel (Update)

These are all Loch Ness Area and include Allt Duine, Daviot and Moy which are on the A9 approach to Inverness but will be seen from the high areas of the Monaliadths and as well by anyone approaching by air and are quite close.


What defines Loch Ness? Ness-side, very convenient for the developers, or the hinterland as well where many people will stay or tour. Essentially I have taken a central point. Climbed the highest hill and taken a 360% view. That would include Fairburn(20+36 under scoping). Possibly Lochluichart(23) and Corriemolly(19), Clath Liath(17) and maybe even Novar(50). The last four wind farms(109 turbines) I gave excluded as being more than 10 miles away.


The Loch Ness Ring of Steel


Druim Ba                                        23  Scottish Ministers (turned down by planning)Dunmaglass                                    33  ApprovedFarr                                                 40  BuiltCorrimony                                        5  Under construction

Balmacaan *                                   36(138) Scottish Ministers (no objection by council)

Allt Duine                                       31  Scottish Ministers (turned down by planning)

Kylachy                                          20

Daviot                                             13 Refused (appeal to DEPA)

Moy                                                20 Approved

Corriegarth                                     20 In planning

Dell                                                22 In planning

Stronelairg                                     83(140) In planning

Inverwich                                       tbc (c. 24) Application for 3 masts

Millenium                                      24 Built

Biennuan                                        25 Approved

Beinn Mhor, Tomich                    7 yet to enter planning


*Balmacaan is now variously called west Glenmoriston and Bhlaraidh.


Total number is 418 with a further 159 possibly to be applied for as extensions by SSE based on their original estimates for Balmacaan and Stronelairg..


If you include those towards Cromarty you can extend these figure by a further 165 Turbines taking the figure for the Greater Loch Ness area at this time to a potential 742 turbines. Add to that the Western Isles, East Coast (Brora) and central Highlands (Glenmorie) plus Caithness and the conclusion is that the new Beauly Denny line will have insufficient connectivity at Capacity levels. However it is rare that turbines run anything near capacity!


This is without doubt an Industrialisation of the Highlands so fêted by the First Minister which will totally destroy the Tourist Industry which this areas relies on. At this rate those few left will be living in caves, as suggested by some SNP MSPs, as it will be all they can afford! As the probability of Shale Gas reducing costs and providing the rest of the UK with cheap energy, it is ridiculous to suggest a newly independent Scotland would be subsidised by the rest of the UK. Contracts signed with developers may suggest that the Scottish Government would have to cover those subsidies from the bills of Scottish energy users, making our industry non competitive and our residents the poorest in Europe.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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