Is Scotland’s Wild Land only worth Seven Minutes?

fairburnMurdo Fraser MSP was allowed a business motion in the Scottish Parliament to discuss the importance of Wild Land to Scotland. The concerns of conservation of our peat bogs, a carbon sink, and our wild life. He was granted SEVEN MINUTES. Is that all Scotland’s Heritage is worth to the SNP Government. Watch it here


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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5 Responses to Is Scotland’s Wild Land only worth Seven Minutes?

  1. Sally Page says:

    Murdo Fraser MSP, proposed yesterday’s motion for debate about endangered species and wild land preservation, in this 2013, the Year of Natural Scotland; the Parliament recognises the efforts of conservation charities and other organisations to save endangered species and protect wild land.

    ( Wild Land is defined by the John Muir Trust as areas of landscape where there is little or no evidence of man built intrusion)

    Much was made of the demise of the Wildcat; only 150 breeding pairs (there are some in captivity) but, the number is likely to be less than that. There was talk of cloning .

    The Red Squirrel is the other obvious one, much more work is needed to stop the decline in numbers and most of this is due to the
    strength of the Greys with their nasty habits and ‘pox’. Damage to ancient woodlands by the Grey squirrels is also a huge problem.

    Murdo then quoted from a survey completed 2012, commissioned by SNH and Loch Lomond and Trossachs NP, saying 86% people surveyed felt further action was necessary to preserve wild land, and that there should be a specific wild land designation.

    He called for peat bogs to be exempt from turbine development; said the startling figure (2002 41% 2009 28%) was due to development of renewable energy and infrastructure. The updated SNH figure is going to be significant in this the year of Natural Scotland.( However, we must remember they have changed the way this is calculated.)

    Liz Smith MSP also spoke well and called for protection of our wild land from wind turbine development. She said that any new wild land protection must include a consultation of ‘all’ voices, landowners, farmers, gillies, stalkers, plus those in tourism. Liz also underlined the great work of the John Muir Trust in working with schools, with 259 schools now signed up to projects.

    A few others spoke, I did not get there names. One SNP MSP from Mull, gave a great speel about kayaking, scratching whale’s backs, and really being ‘at one’ with nature. Then he said, many in the more remote areas of Scotland were eeking out a living,’ clinging like limp-ids to rocks’, so the advent of renewable energy developments in these places was a great source of relief because of the jobs and money that it brought.

    Paul Wheelhouse MSP then summed-up and made it quite clear that at the moment there was not a clear definition of what wild land is, therefore it is difficult to know what should be being protected. NSA’s cover 13% of Scotland and they will not be able to be used for renewable energy development.
    (So, by the Scottish Government not defining wild land for as long as it is convenient to them, development will continue.)
    Measuring wilderness is inherently difficult, he said.

    * * *

    Many thanks


  2. My understanding is that anyone putting a motion, gets about 7 minutes to do it, so this amount of time is not unusual. The full minutes of proceedings are available here, so people can judge for themselves what happened after the motion was put:

    • Yes that is appreciated. The vagaries of parliamentary procedure. My point was that it has not been considered of greater importance. I appreciate also that this is simply a step on the road and congratulate Murdo Fraser for getting this so far.

      • Agreed. Whilst shop is talked, species die from a dearth of habitat. Frustrating for everyone, including some present on Wednesday I think. Thanks for putting up the video as a resource.

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