Gear we go, Gear we go, Gear we go!

The Turbine Story

We should have a very close look at the way these turbine generators work. Not the ‘wind-turns-blades-makes electricity’ stuff, but the very nature of their engineering.

turbine mechanismDid you know they have 3 gearboxes? Each gearbox is controlled by a servo step motor, and these are, in turn, controlled by a little computer.

Gearbox 1, this turns the head so that the blade assembly faces into the wind.

Gearbox 2, this adjusts the pitch of the blades for optimum rotational force. (Not speed)

Gearbox 3, this connects the axle from the blades to the armature of the generator.

And they are all constantly being adjusted by their respective servo motors.

Burrr to the left, bur to the right, burrrrrr to the left, burrrr to the right.

All this to get the generator frequency to match the National Grid frequency of 50 Hz. It cannot be 1% out. There cannot be any error whatsoever as this would undermine the National Grid itself.

If the generator looses sync by 1 degree (not %) then it automatically disconnects from the Grid. When it re-establishes absolute sync, the generator re- connects with the Grid. So we now have — on—-off———on——————-off–on———————off———————on—–off. Get the picture? As for those gearboxes, they have to be replaced about every 2 years, having a lifespan of just 7 years. And each gearbox costs more than all the electricity the unit generated in that time. Who benefits from this? Neither the end user nor the environment due to the level of waste, but the contractors and the companies claiming huge subsidies to pay for the wind turbines their installation and maintenance. Yet when installed in a remote location, such as the various islands off Scotland where the National Grid cannot reach, they are a perfect solution. But once structured to be connected to the National Grid they become totally inefficient because their connection cannot be guaranteed.

Cosmo Anayiotos.


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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