Dutch advice to IPCC: limiting the scope to human induced climate change is undesirable


The farce of the whole wind/CO² situation is that the fiasco was driven by an Indian Railway engineer and an ambitious american diplomat, aided and abetted by the political activism of such as WWF and F0E. Both Paucholi and Gore have grown very wealthy as a result. Gore is now estimated to be worth some $200 million. Paucholi has institutes in many parts of the world, all generating income for him. What is amazing is that so many politicians have bought into the charade. The belief that wind and water(renewables) can be a deliverable source of power was best illustrated by the figures of yesterday evening when UK generation from wind and water reached the giddy heights of 0.64GW.

Renewables output 2300hrs 05.07.13

Renewables output 2300hrs 05.07.13

This after a day when, certainly North of the Border it had been windy. Coal, Nuclear, Gas and imported power covered our requirements but much of that is planned for decommissioning to comply with EU Diktat following the flawed and possibly fraudulent IPCC figures. However more and more countries and their experts are beginning to question the “science” behind the hype and the latest are the Dutch. Their report to the IPCC can be read here on the Web Site of the KNMI, the Dutch Meteorological Institute which points out the omission of natural climate variability. On a recent debate the British Meteorologists were unable to reach a consensus which bodes badly for the oft stated consensus on Anthropogenic Climate Change, or the Global Warming that actual has stopped for the past seventeen years. The whole ethos behind the Climate Acts and the drive to de-carbonise would be seen to be based on bad science, or perhaps we should say politicised ‘science’. That so much came from the UN and the IPCC begs the question was this more about creating fear which allows little men an inordinate amount of power, the activism of ‘Charities(?)’ such as WWF who have strayed a long way from saving Pandas, or simply the machinations of a political elite. What is certain, having recently read a letter from Jean Urquart MSP, they have done a great job in brainwashing the political and chattering classes. When will common sense return. Climate changes and has done for millenia. Fact! How much of todays weather can be attributed to the change in climate or other natural anomolies driven by the solar activity, tilt of the earth, the Oceans or even lunar is for those more knowledgeable than I, but we should be looking at those natural variations before we rely on computer models, railway engineers and the Al Gore’s of this world.gore


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