When is enough, enough?

Photograph courtesy of William Brown

Photograph courtesy of William Brown

The Scottish Government will only allow windfarms to be built where the impacts have been found to be acceptable – and unsuitable applications are rejected.

Scottish Government mantra

….. I find that the issue to be addressed is whether the adverse effects……… is sufficient to outweigh the wider public benefits…… I find that these adverse effects are not so great as to be unacceptable, ……

Scottish Government Inquiry Reporter

…..proposals are not permitted if they would have a significant long term detrimental impact on the amenity of people living nearby.

Scottish Government Policy in force when Baillie Windfarm was permitted

The consultation on the National Planning Guidelines closes today and there are many concerns as to how it will be interpreted. The consultation document was written in such a way that only an experienced planning expert could really understand it and to my knowledge many local councillors, some of who sit on Planning Committees, found it largely  unfathomable. Consultations are of course excellent except for one proviso. It may prove that the Department or Government are listening but the question remains “are they hearing us”. The majority with experience in this field feel that is somewhat doubtful. The question in our minds now is whether this is a genuine attempt to improve planning or to slip in conditions that allow central government to over-ride local democracy and impose centrist policies on local planning, be it on wind farms, on house building or on off-shore renewable development. Is the prime driver now the promise of jobs, often overstated and even fabricated, instead of the Quality of Life encompassed in EU legislation such as the Aarthus Convention.

We thank Caithness Windfarm Information Forum for the photo and quotations.

For a copy of their presentation to the National Planning Framework 3 / Scottish Planning Policy consultation CWIF response to SPP


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