Assessment of Cotton Farm, Waverley, Noise Data – April 2013

MAS Environmental have eight years experience in wind farm noise monitoring and have earn’t a great deal of respect for their professional and knowledgeable approach. A brief correlation between these actual data figures(see the link below) and those quoted on Environmental Statements by developer’s consultants suggest the situation is Fact v. Fiction. At very few moments on these graphs would it seem that the noise is compliant with ETSU-R-97 and to consider that these recordings were at 800m, the distance many turbines have been built in the UK, especially the smaller on farm developments, it does suggest that post commissioning noise monitoring should be a condition of deployment. Of course this is unlikely to happen as many turbines would fail to comply and mitigation such as has been seen in a few cases, with restricted operation, would eat into developers huge profits. The methodology of noise monitoring with the ETSU-R-97 model does allow a system of averaging, removing low and high points, which produces a sometimes rather compliant noise figure that contradicts with local experience. But then the wind industry through the BWEA and the DECC were the ones who promoted and agreed the ETSU system. Surely it should have been produced and monitored by the DoE. But then what in the wind industry is honest and transparent. At the time it was what we could loosely call Noble Cause Corruption. AGW was about to destroy the world so the un-civil servants took control.

Nothing like a pending disaster to subjugate the little people!

The fact that it all has now proved a lie is simply an inconvenient truth! What must amaze so many is that even those in power hang on in desperation to the last vestiges of it’s remit. That could best be explained by Cognitive Dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance was first investigated by Leon Festinger, arising out of a participant observation study of a cult which believed that the earth was going to be destroyed by a flood, and what happened to its members — particularly the really committed ones who had given up their homes and jobs to work for the cult — when the flood did not happen. While fringe members were more inclined to recognize that they had made fools of themselves and to “put it down to experience”, committed members were more likely to re-interpret the evidence to show that they were right all along (the earth was not destroyed because of the faithfulness of the cult members).

Follow this link to read the report and access the graphs.


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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