When the Money Stops Rolling In

money_down_toilet-150x150For the fans of Evita, the above phrase will have some resonance. Right at the start I suggested that the end of wind will be decided by the financial markets and not the Politicians. The MPs and MSPs may have grandiose ambitions but the money markets will decide when enough is enough. Promising more and more generous subsidies, call them strike prices or whatever, has come to an end. The financial burden is about the break industries back. Dr. Nigel Wilson, CEO of Legal and General, debatably one of the UK’s largest investment and pension providers has recently stated that he will not be investing in wind. With a bank balance of some £480 billion that must be bad news for Clegg and Cameron’s wives?? An extremely long and detailed assessment of wind has just come from Australia but the points on Europe are very well made. Only the UK and Germany are still pursuing the green dream. And Germany is not exactly practising what it preaches with a massive coal power station building program and importing nuclear energy, in defiance of it’s anti nuclear stance, from the old eastern block countries. CO² rates in Germany have increased. In fact the UK alone seems to still be in thrall to the God Wind, or is it subservience to the Lib-Dim partnership. Certainly worth a read through. As far as Scotland goes, it doesn’t even warrant a mention! Salmond is not even worth a byline.

But what of Cameron’s latest comment at a visit to Crown Paints that the UK won’t see many more wind farms. Fracking sense or off message? I bet Davey and Clegg had something to say about that but the announcement the same day of plans for a massive wind farm in the Kielder Forest rather dampened any euphoria. One does sometimes get the feeling that the two sides of the coalition are paddling in two parts of a catamaran which is no longer joined together.  They just occasionally shout at each other across the water. Usually blame for the predicament that they have engineered for themselves.

Concentrating on the financial aspects of wind the lender of last resort is the much heralded Green Bank and EU finance. With the green dream already costing Europe €600 billion, the road has run out or in the words of the song “The money has stopped rolling in”.

Stop Press

Not it would seem for Chris Huhne, the disgraced ex Energy Secretary of State, who is rumoured to have just picked up a nice number with a US Bio-mass company at £100k for a two day week. Let us hope that Cameron makes sure that all corridors of power are firmly shut against this former prison inmate. As to the US employer, we must make sure that no government contracts go there as we may question what other unsavoury characters they employ!

Huhne’s recent statement: ‘And I would also just remind you that I have served only part of my sentence and therefore it is not appropriate to say more. I would now like to get on, get back to home, and continue with my life.’ ’nuff said!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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