And NO, this is not a Joke!

Carhurly Farm, Fife

Carhurly Farm, Fife

This is beyond belief and certainly questions any supposed setback proposed by the Scottish Government. It may be only one but it is 35.5m and experience from the USA suggests that these houses will suffer both noise and shadow flicker. It is also part of a larger cluster in the local area. It is our belief that this has been refused previously and repeat applications are hoping to desensitise objectors. And you  thought neighbours from hell only live on sink estates. I rarely comment on individual wind turbine applications due to the overwhelming number of applications. However occasionally we may need to be reminded that one individual turbine can be as stressful and disheartening as any major wind farm for those impacted by it. Property values plummet and old friends become new enemies. Unlike large groups of objectors, local residents can feel terribly isolated. Stress at this level can be a killer and has a habit of tearing relationships asunder. Look at the photo montages and every trick in the book has been used. Firstly a 50mm lens  which is incorrect. SNH used to recommend lens in excess of 50mm but new research by Stirling University has confirmed expert opinion that 75mm on an SLR camera, not digital, will give a more accurate image. Due to the receptor a 75mm lens on a digital camera will produce a 50mm image! I personally recommend an 80mm lens as the closest to the human eye. Also note that the photos have been taken with a white cloud background to absorb and disguise the white turbine outline. Altogether a somewhat un-reputable representation. For those faced with similar photo montages  I suggest a very good publication ‘The Visual Issue’:

Deborah writes:

Our lives are blighted by turbines erected/approved/pending some just 1km away. This latest turbine application will be only 350 meters from my home. If you can spare a few minutes to put your real address, name and date this letter and send it to Fife Council, you would really be helping the people in this area from being totally surrounded by turbines.

St Andrews University Kenly Wind Farm – six 100 meters turbines appeal will go to decision by the end of this month. If approved the people in the 97 homes within 2km will be badly affected.

 Any help you can give, like asking groups/friends to send the letter, could make all the difference for us.

Thank you

 Deborah Pender

Objections to:


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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3 Responses to And NO, this is not a Joke!

  1. Brenda says:

    From May this year Highland Council prescribed new visualisation standards so presumably planning officers will reject any non-compliant, but if they don’t we can complain

    “These Standards are prescriptive and applications which do not conform will not be supported by The Highland Council.”

    • In many ways Highland Council are very pro-active and many other councils should follow their lead. It just seems a pity that SG over-rules local democracy so often.

  2. Roy Baker says:

    The extension to Fairburn wind farm has many more objections than those for. We are hoping to get this application thrown out for many reasons. Fairburn Wind Farm has an objection to it under the Annexe one birds directive lodged and accepted in Europe, it is just waiting to go into court.
    SSE and Scottish Government know this but are choosing to ignore it by saying any fine or what ever happens will be down to UK Government. Just how close are these two?

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