Patterson v. Davey – Ministerial Red Boxes at fifty paces

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Well this is developing into a real political spat and no doubt blood and votes will be spilt on the carpet before this ends. Davey is becoming a little isolated within the walls of the DECC but the Climate Change acolytes and Green lobbyists/interns/wind developer’s appointees at that department will be in meltdown over the possibility that Patterson and DEFRA may be about to puncture their balloon. What should concern us but doesn’t really surprise us is that Davey and his cohorts seek to suppress information that runs contrary to their doctrine.  Another inconvenient truth? Why do we have a Department for Climate Change when we already had a Department of the Environment? The DECC is less a Government Department, more a messianic religious body. What Minister can say that the ideology drives his department to the exclusion and detriment of the people? Oops, own goal! We want good reliable energy that we can afford, not green climate bunny ideologues. That Energy and Climate Change were amalgamated in one entity has much to do with the last Labour administration subsequently driven forward by that ex-prisoner, the well known Lib-Dem Chris Huhne. Time to consign it to the rubbish bin of bad ideas before it can do any more damage. It, or I should say Davey and his munchkins, have already delayed Fracking for some eighteen months. The article in the Telegraph is somewhat enlightening. Click here.

Addendum: Looks like the Pollies are doing a Dance of Death around each other with both DEFRA and DECC to bring their own reports out. All, no doubt, at our expense. Cameron needs to grab this by the balls otherwise it has the potential to bring both him and his government down. We al hoped, in all fairness contrary to experience, that a coalition would put the interests of the Country first but the minority partner, the Lib-Dems, were given too much influence, well out of proportion to their electoral credence, and have been a cancer from within from day one. Ideology has taken precedence over the security and well being of the Nation and it’s people. We could now be well on the way to recovery but instead we see petty squabbles by petty people. They really are worse than five year olds. The anti fracking movement is well financed and well orchestrated from eco-political activists that have infiltrated into political society both in the UK and Europe. Make no mistake, these are more red than green but have long realised that red is bad and green is good in the eyes of the people. Pragmatic acceptance has directed their activism to the Eco-centrics but the aims are purely socialism at any cost. They trade in lies and half truths and they are behind a great deal of our carbon laws. Trace the origins of 38 Degrees and you go back to Europe and the originators of the Climate Change legislation. That AGW is disproved, CO² is a bust and the world has not warmed for fifteen years is for them an inconvenient truth that is overcome by the policy of civil disobedience and aggressive opposition. He who shouts loudest. The actions of the playground bully. Surrounding themselves with idealists that don’t let the truth get in the way of their dogma. More in league with the anti-capitalists. The real Luddites of the 21st Century. However the behaviour of the government has played into their hands and we must ask ourselves if this hasn’t been orchestrated by the carbonistas at the DECC? Instead of education and explanation we get lines of police and arrests. memories of the miners’s strike and Greenham Common, aggravated by biased and misleading reportage of the BBC and Guardian/Independent. Why not bus all the residents of Balcombe to an established fracking site, don’t just lecture them, talk WITH them. Allay their fears and establish trust.   It would seem that is not on the agenda which does ask the question, who in government is driving this and what is THEIR agenda. I suspect all avenues lead back to the DECC and Ed Davey! Or AM I just feeding the Conspiracy?

The Word from Balcombe


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