Do you have faith in the IPCC and Climatologists?

I looked for a humorous image for this article and entered Climate, Scientist and humour into Google and nothing came up! Tells us a lot. The shrills screams of the carbonistas this

Thanks George!

Thanks George!

week as the latest IPCC report is published is the only element not funny. There are too many well paid plutocrats lining their pockets for this to die a natural death. Man made, or Anthropogenic, Global Warming has been discredited for some time but the IPCC resurrects it with virtually no evidence. Instead of admitting the major blunder or outright deception, the UN IPCC simply re-iterated previous statements, claiming to now be more confident than ever that human emissions of CO2 were to blame for “climate change” — 95 percent sure, to be precise. UN IPCC “experts,” though, struggled hard to come up with a credible excuse for a lack of warming, leaked draft reports show. Everything from volcanic ash and declining sun activity to natural variability and heat supposedly being trapped somewhere in the deep oceans was implausibly cited to explain away the lack of warming in defiance of all the predictions. For national governments, though, that was not enough, the leaked documents revealed. In comments to the UN IPCC, several governments “objected” to how the lack of warming was addressed. German authorities, for example, called for the reference to the global-warming “slowdown,” as the UN puts it, to be deleted from the report entirely. Officials claimed that a timespan of 10 to 15 years was “misleading” because “climate change” is measured over “decades and centuries.”

Funny, when the Hockey Stick effect was exposed, time scales prior to recent data were swept aside as irrelevant. Seems inconvenient truths are simply swept aside.

The IPCC has decided to discount the global warming standstill since 1997 as irrelevant and has deleted from its final document its original acknowledgement (in its 7 June draft) that climate models have failed to ’reproduce the observed reduction in surface warming trend over the last 10-15 years.’  Click for The Global Warming Policy Foundation Press release.

Now I am not going to get involved in the Climate Debate partly because I can’t be bothered with all the Trolls that come out of the woodwork shouting down any debate as “Deniers”. That Climate changes is to me a foregone conclusion. Otherwise the biggest problem would be dinosaurs on the A9. The world has gone through many changes and most before the industrial revolution and the impact of modern man. Solar effects and natural balances from El Nino and La Nina mix into a wide variety of elements that affect Climate. The computer models that forecast Armeggedon with glaciers melting, ice caps disappearing and sea level rises within the last decade were, and have been proved, totally inaccurate. However the Climate Religion is now seemingly un-stoppable and that is what we have more to fear rather than any climate change which, as in the past, mankind and the planet will adapt to. That the conductor of this orchestra is a 73 yr old Indian railway engineer with a liking for writing soft porn suggests that the world, or at least it’s poluticians, have finally gone completely bonkers!

On an interview for the Chicago Tribune Pachauri was asked, no doubt bearing in mind his global travel to Climate Conferences,  “What have you done personally to shrink your carbon footprint?” His response: He “believes in reincarnation. It will take me the next six lives to neutralize my carbon footprint.” Interesting as he reckons the world will come to a grinding halt due to increased CO² production well before his sixth re-incarnation. A bit like Al Gore building his condominiums on the beach that will soon be flooded by sea level rises.

It should be pointed out that like Pachauri’s books, the IPCC report is a work of fiction.

So can we have an explanation?

  • What you must understand is that it has all been a scientific mistake accentuated by academic fraud. Sagan got his aerosol optical physics wrong and confused lapse rate heating from gravity with what he believed to be the greenhouse effect (ghe).

This is from a mistaken view of Tyndall’s experiment. It does not prove thermalisation of absorbed IR energy in the gas phase.  Instead it scatters to heterogeneous interfaces, in the atmosphere clouds and space. Sagan influenced Houghton whose treatise has 3 major mistakes.

Also the Meteorologists and now the Climate Alchemists believe that their IR optical pyrometer which measures temperature, outputs when converted by the S-B equation a real energy flux from the sky to the Earth. So they add this imaginary  ‘back radiation’ to the mix.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Hansen in 1981 made a BIG MISTAKE (1981_Hansen_etal.pdf) where they assumed that if you took out ghgs from the atmosphere the mean surface temperature would be the same as the present temperature in the upper atmosphere in radiative equilibrium with space, itself a mistake (it’s a mean of three separate processes).

This gives ’33 K ghe’. In reality, the reduction of clouds and ice would increase SW by 43%, mean surface temperature of 4-5 deg. C, a ghe of 11 K. This has made IPCC science useless for 32 years. They also made another BAD MISTAKE.

So, the models are set up to prove 33 K ghe and 3 x positive feedback. They cheat to do it and they cheat about the predictions. There is no ‘missing heat’. However, there has been AGW from pollution making clouds pass more SW so the ocean has heated.

To summarise – this has been an immense cock-up and provided a long career for unprofessional scientists who would, if they had integrity, have stopped the farrago decades ago when they realised they had got it wrong. However, Hansen wanted a Chinese Communist US Government and Houghton is a religious fundamentalist.

Well thank you Alec M. We are as clear as mud now, but it sounds really plausible and will totally confuse any IPCC expert.


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