Another attack on Ben Wyvis

Ben Wyvis

Ben Wyvis

Woodland Farm, Dingwall:

This is the latest target area occasioned by the expected completion of the Beauly-Denny and the Beauly-Mossford lines which will provide cheap and plentiful connectivity. Three on farm turbines plus the third extension of Novar and the proposed extension of Fairburn has opened pandora’s box for the windies. The perceived acquiescence of Highland Council at Stronelairg and the Invermorison cluster has given the message to developers that the door is open. Every day we hear of yet another application in the pipeline often for either impoverished or absentee landlords. At Woodlands Farm yet another player, the German Company ABO wind is planning six large turbines. Their description would be hysterical if it was not so damaging. “where a scheme for up to six wind turbines is being considered, lies on rough grazing land behind the Cnoc a’Bhreacaich hill and is visually secluded from Dingwall to the south” This wind farm is on the lower slopes of Ben Wyvis and overshadows the whole of the small town of Dingwall. We see new German developers, having flooded Germany, now expanding to Scotland to wreak havoc here too. As Germany’s Energiewende crashes around their ears, the UK subsidies are seen as a milch cow to support the German wind industry. A message to The First Minister: These do not produce Scottish Jobs. They haemorrhage money from the Scottish Economy and from the poorest of our communities to wealthy German Companies and a few, often absentee, landowners. Community Benefit is misnamed as the division it causes in all communities is certainly not to the Benefit of the Community!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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2 Responses to Another attack on Ben Wyvis

  1. I used to use Dingwall as my main shopping area but as the on farm turbines have began to ring Dingwall I find myself going there less and less. Economic impact doesn’t happen in a day. It is like a dripping tap. One day you find the water(trade) has all leaked away.

  2. Wee Iain says:

    Ive had a similar experience having visited Argyll and Bute over many decades. The omniprescence of Turbines in this area is oppressive. My motivation to return there has all but gone when all you expect to see now are devastated vistas that used to be a balm for the soul. Our guests from Australia were of the same opinion and repeatedly asked what on earth were we doing to our stunningly beautiful country. They might well ask……..very depressing.

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