Death of a Classic by the EU


Land Rover has been the ongoing success story of the UK Motor Industry, and there are few enough of them. Since the first land-rover came off the line in 1947 the Land Rover has been in constant production since. From the 80ins to the 110 very little in the basic premise has changed. In fact parts are still available for even the oldest model and a great many are still in use 67 years later. A simple structure of aluminium on a steel chassis guaranteed longevity despite all the various weather conditions from ice and snow to deserts that the world could throw at it. It is a great shame that in 2008 Tata acquired Jaguar and Rover out of UK control but the ubiquitous Land Rover soldiered on. Tata were prepared to invest where UK Banks failed. Now EU regulations and controls have signed the death knell of the Land Rover 110 as we know it. Hopefully son of Land Rover will arise but it will do well to match the strength and versatility of this 67 year old stalwart. We have been promised a resurrection but have been warned that the costs will be significantly higher. Expect in future that power companies will resort to far east manufactured pickups. In 2015 the last 110 will come down the production ladder and that will be the end, strangled by the EU regulation and red tape. Have our politicians fought to save it? We hear them banging the drum for the Carbon Act but not for a benchmark of UK industry.

And just for the record, I have had land rovers for some 30 years although I admit that nowadays I drive a Discovery. The 110 though was a working vehicle and as such I used them for many years and never ever failed to get to a customer!

This is another nail in the coffin of British manufacturing driven by blind obedience to EU Climate doctrine. At the same time Angela Merkel protects Mercedes and BMW. What has this to do with wind? Everything because the concerns about CO², the Carbon Price Floor[a stealth tax] and high energy costs in compliance with green targets is adversely affecting all UK manufacture. Tata’s Comments here. Essentially with cancellations of so called Carbon Taxes and of Renewable Subsidies, the rush to wind would cease as quickly as it started, All approved but not constructed wind farms would wither on the vine and those in fuel poverty could afford to eat. No brainer really, which does ask the simple question. Has anyone in the Government actually got a brain?


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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