The future is green, the future is micro nuclear

hyperion01Been mentioned before on this blog but the US are very close to rolling out micro nuclear. Efficient, zero risk and affordable. After all they use them in nuclear subs and aircraft carriers and have for years. The matelots are not glowing green so they have proven to be safe. Read the Telegraph article here.The sickening fact, according to the article, is that Rolls Royce did it first and has had a mini nuclear facility working for fifty years. Yes they are just around the corner. What blocked nuclear development for years was the likes of Michael Foot and Bruce Kent for whom nuclear became a crusade. Now none of us can support nuclear weapons but all of us support nuclear medicine. Because nuclear power plants were big and obvious the industry became a target from a predominantly left wing caucus. The reason was less material than it’s opposition to the right. Nuclear power became the casualty of ideology. In that way we have lost the best part of thirty years of development of nuclear energy in the UK. Where we led the world we now follow. Have we the industrial base to rise again as masters of energy. Large scale nuclear costs too much and takes too long but perhaps we could address micro nuclear. We have the skill base, we have the engineers. All we lack is support from the bankers and the government. Why let the US, France, Japan and China develop this technology? Someone in the corridors of Westminster and Holyrood, wake up and smell the coffee! The real future of micro nuclear may hinge around the success of fusion and the delivery of true micro power where each hou


se and possibly each car has it’s own personal reactor but that is still ten years  or more in the future. Mind you look at the mobile phone and the birth and acceptance of that technology. Who would have believed twenty years ago that we would have had phone in watches and videos in glasses. The modern phone is computer, camera, and phone all in one at prices that were inconceivable just a short time ago. Ideas from Sci-fi movies are now fact. Even to the latest flying car!

flying car

Click on image for video

flying car


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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