Self Delusion or Stupidity?

Davey and the Wind Pimps

Davey and the Wind Pimps

From Bloomberg News

The U.K. will soon see “major investments” in offshore wind projects, Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said, signaling the country’s push to expand low-carbon power isn’t derailing.

Interest from developers in signing contracts has exceeded expectations, Davey told lawmakers in parliament today. “There will be some good news to announce on offshore wind shortly.”

Davey has sought to allay concerns that renewable-power developers are turning away from the U.K. after RWE AG scrapped a 4.5 billion-pound ($7.4 billion) offshore project and Centrica Plc (CNA) said it’s still deciding whether to push ahead with another. Prime Minister David Cameron has said he wants to “roll back” green levies on customer bills that help subsidize clean energy.

Offshore wind developers have been offered interim contracts, a temporary measure to encourage investment while the government puts the finishing touches to energy legislation that it intends to pass by year-end. The new law will bring in contracts-for-difference, which guarantee a price for wind-power producers 15 years into the future.

The contracts-for-difference won’t be affected by Cameron’s review into green levies, nor will the Renewables Obligation program or feed-in tariffs for clean-energy plants, Davey said.

RWE’s renewable-energy division said Nov. 26 that it had axed a planned wind farm in deep seas off southwest England because engineering hurdles made it too costly.

Davey said he could understand the decision, based on the increased costs arising from the technical challenges of the site. The news followed reports that Centrica may scrap a 2 billion-pound offshore wind venture unless aid is stepped up.

The only chance that Davey has is if he is going to promise yet more of OUR money! A higher strike price or higher subsidies. Cameron has lost it. Thrown in the towel on energy to Clegg and the LibDims and to Salmond on the Independence issue. His LimpDim Scottish Minister on QT this week was like hitting the Sturgeon with a wet kipper whilst the two labour ‘harrigans’ pulled each others hair out by the roots. As one of the audience remarked “What a shower”. All that Sturgeon had to do was shout loud and long over her opposition. Typical SNP tactic. No one really challenged her assertions which had been drawn from the SNP Comic Book. Even Annabelle Goldie had lost her get up and go with a comment that Scotland could go independent. Her heart wasn’t in it. Has Conservative Central Office just decided that their only chance of holding power at Westminster is to sacrifice Scotland and all it’s labour and libdim MPs for the sake of the Party. Sure looks like it from here. It has been left to the media to eviscerate Salmond and Sturgeon and ridicule their SNP Policy document. Sorry, White Paper on Independence! Scotland deserves better than these two clowns. Goldie was right, up to a point. Scotland could go Independent. But why throw the baby out with the bathwater. And would you really want a Scotland governed by either the SNP or Labour. What Sturgeon neglected to say when she mentioned that some 170 countries had gone independent since the second world war is that most are either basket cases or Dictatorships! The unicameral basis for a Scottish administration would mean it would have no checks or balances to it’s plans on energy, borrowing or military aspirations. That is what most dictatorships are about!


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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