DECC Noise report altered for Renewables UK?

Davey’s DECC seems to have bowed to lobbying from Renewables UK to allow representation on a peer review panel on the latest noise standards presented by the Institute of Acoustics. Now the truth of this is not proven but if Renewables UK are to be believed, and they aren’t usually, they have changed the report in favour of the wind weasels  However the Institute of Acoustics(?) say that their report has not been altered. Well if I had to choose between the two on a matter of truth, it would be no contest and the wind weasels would lose. However if I had to choose between the veracity of Davey and the DECC and Renewables UK, it would be an impossible choice. I simply wouldn’t believe either. The story is here. However the truth is even more corrupt. The people involved are our old friends Hayes and Mackenzie and a more pro wind bunch of “consultants” you would find it hard to discover. In fact the whole shooting match is nothing but a sham. Delingpole’s article sums it up nicely

Now I have a serious issue here. Noise controls have always worked to levels decided by the British Standards Institute. Noise from such as substations is governed under BS4142, industrial noise in proximity to housing. This is an independent peer reviewed standard that has stood the test of time and is policed by Environmental Health Officers and legislated by Noise Abatement Orders issued by Local Councillors. The DECC’s ETSU-R-97 standard is referred back to planning departments who are not well equipped for post construction monitoring or enforcement. Hence the very problematic problems with wind farm noise and controls within the approved planning requirements. We also have the Department of the Environment and Rural Affairs whose remit is to protect both the natural environment and those activities therein. Surely such as noise should not be policed/supported by the body promoting wind but by one or both of the two bodies that promote safety and the environment. That is the double check that should be in place but is missing in all matters involving the DECC. That was why the DECC evolved. A Labour ploy to bypass checks and controls. Similarly Fracking. DECC is sitting on fracking as a case of pre-varification in support of wind and the Green/LibDem credentials and yet fracking should come under the Royal Geological Survey and the Heath and Safety Executive. Truly independent bodies free from Political influence.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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