Scotland – A third world country in power terms?

Arecleoth Wind Farm 60 turbines

Arecleoth Wind Farm 60 turbines

Our border cousins (no actual connection) have provided us some insight in living under the influence, or perhaps providing the affluence, to Scottish Power/Iberdrola. This is even more relevant after the collapse of the Argyll Array due to technical problems(sinking bases into solid volcanic rock undersea) and Ecological concerns(basking sharks). The South West of Scotland is under some of the worst attrition of the Wind Pimps and someone must say no soon.

We have many, many power outages every winter. It has been a pain already this winter and Scottish power state that they cannot afford to put the cables underground and don’t maintain the lines until something goes wrong. We have been told by the company that wind farms are causing them a headache in terms of the infrastructure. I have lived in Australia and travelled extensively through the ‘outback’ and I can tell you that it is worse than outback living down here near the Mull of Galloway. We thought you would like to know that the chief exec of Iberdrola (parent company of Scottish Power) earns the equivalent of £6 million per year and describes Scotland as ‘a star turn’ (we would interpret that as rip off) because they are making so much money from wind power here. Their main business is coal, gas and nuclear and it is alleged by Greenpeace that soon after taking over Scottish Power the company is said to have borrowed (from Scottish Power) £800 million to invest in the USA and a further £700 million from Scottish Power side of their company to invest in their business in Spain. Although Iberdrola like to be seen as a renewables company 85% of their income is from Coal, gas and nuclear. Business making money in the UK is often referred to by politicians as ‘inward investment’. I remember Alex Salmond saying this in a TV interview when he visited Spain to encourage W/F companies to come to Scotland.  After having many, many power outages every year John wrote to the Chief Exec of Scottish Power and the return letter states they cannot guarantee a supply – we wondered if this is the sign of things to come. It is not a surprise when massive amounts of money is leaving the country. 

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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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