The Cash for wind farm opposition?

pickpocketAccording to Newsnet Scotland, an SNP news service, all the opposition to wind is funded by interested parties such as coal. gas and nuclear, not forgetting Mr. Trump of course. I seem to have missed out somewhere so can they send their donations to Dougal Quix0te, Bank of Wishful Thinking, Shang-ri-La, Never Never Land. They particularly pick out SAS and CATS for their accusations. I would suggest a short solicitors letter demanding proof or retraction plus damages and an apology. Like all things SNP, nothing is as it seems as this great supporter of an Independent Scotland lives in Rennes, France! The truth is that CATS did get some support from Trump for an advert and the ASA did take them to task about the rusting turbines which were in Hawaii. I don’t remember anything on the advert suggesting that these were in Scotland but the inference was that this could be Scotland in twenty years time. A fair point and one has to ask why the ASA took the wrong view. As to SAS and EPAW being funded by the fossil fuel/nuclear industry that is a farce. These organisations are run on a shoestring using modern technology to disseminate their information and the donations of a large number of small contributors. It truly reflects the bully boy tactics of the SNP as well documented in the newspapers last week where business leaders are reluctant to make comments because of the attacks they attract from the SNP Gaulieters. Wind Farm opposition is supported by a lot of dedicated residents spending their own hard earned money and raiding their savings and pension pots to protect their homes against companies with seemingly bottomless pockets and supported by the very Politicians that were voted in to represent the people. It is the Politicians that are morally corrupt, not those that oppose Big Wind!

Furthermore what it does demonstrate is the nervousness of those in power and their friends in the Industry that David is odds on to slay Goliath. So, I shall carry on and pen my blog on my far from state of the art computer and will continue to buy the value lines from the co-op until such time as someone from the Nuclear Industry feels incumbent to send me a big cheque. I think that I, like such as SAS and EPAW, will be a long time waiting, whilst the SNP used millions of government funds to support such as their White Paper, The SNP manifesto for Independence and promotion of renewables in schools.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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5 Responses to The Cash for wind farm opposition?

  1. Brenda says:

    The myth of Trump millions continues to run. I saw this the other day in a letter to the Horncastle News “You asked for evidence of funding, how about the £10 million given by the American tycoon in Scotland to anti wind farm groups” so emailed the author asking him to retract. No reply. Funny that.

  2. ANN COWAN says:

    That is all very true - well said! Ann


  3. snowie says:

    Dougal, surely you don’t buy from the ‘co-op’? I thought they were a very pro turbine company. Providing loans through their bank for turbine developments and sticking posters of massive turbines in their shop entrances, (i.e Beauly), stating how ‘wonderful’ they are?

    • Well their bank is bust now and off-loaded their wind portfolio. Must admit I hate Tesco more. Every time I go through the door at the Co-Op I fell like being a vandal and defacing that ruddy wind turbine photo on the wall.

      • Brenda says:

        Like Dougal I still shop at the Co-op as there’s not much choice up here but the first time a turbine appeared on the shop wall I cut up my card and told them why. Not that they cared but it made me feel better.

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