Property Values – reality dawns

Wind Farms Make Homes Unsellable
Daily Mail  31st December

nil valueby Victoria Allen

SCOTS homeowners are seeing up to 50 per cent slashed from the value of their houses because of wind turbines, estate
agents have warned. Mounting evidence is emerging that the SNP’s green crusade has wiped thousands of pounds from home values
across the country. It comes as the Scottish Government launches a study into the link between house prices and turbines, which experts say will show homes near wind farms are almost impossible to sell. One local authority has already lowered council tax for one household, in recognition that its value has dropped because of turbines nearby. Families across the country also claim they have been trapped in their homes for years because noisy wind farms put off potential buyers.
Richard Girdwood, an estate agent previously working in Scotland and now at Winkworth in London, cut his valuation of
one property by £40,000 because of surrounding turbines. He said: ‘Wind turbines are beyond homeowners’ control and they do have an impact of potentially tens of thousands of pounds.’

Estate agent Iain Robb, previously with Strutt & Parker in Glasgow, wrote to a homeowner about the impact of proposed
turbines near his property. Mr Robb, who did not respond to requests for further comment, said house prices could be cut in
half or more by wind farms. He wrote: ‘In my personal view (as distinct from a Strutt & Parker corporate view) the capital values of residential properties near to existing or intended wind farms suffer a minimum of 50 per cent diminution of their residential capital value. ‘Properties next to sites where a planning application for a windfarm has been lodged are virtually unsellable.’

Tas Gibson, 66, who received the letter, was forced to knock £300,000 off his home and four holiday lodges in Newton Stewart,
Wigtownshire. A retired financial controller in the oil and gas industry, he bought his 18-acre Waterside estate as an
investment and has been trying to sell it for 18 months. He said: ‘The Scottish Government are just riding roughshod
over ordinary people. Buyers are put off by the noise, the view and the effect on their health.’

Mr Gibson’s neighbouring wind farm, 96-turbine Kilgallioch, is just 2.5 miles west of his property, has planning consent and is expected to be started next year. Another house, close to the 16- turbine Drumderg wind farm in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, was found by an assessor to have had 20 per cent wiped from its value and its council tax band was lowered as a result.

However Scottish Renewables response was that of an ostrich. “We have no proof”. They also spun the 11,ooo jobs in renewables mantra. Note that it is no longer jobs in wind and renewables includes hydro power. Even so no proof has ever been provided of such levels of employment with more realistic suggestions of not more than 2000 jobs. The truth is that many jobs are transitory in such as ground works and fencing and most skilled jobs go to foreign engineers.


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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4 Responses to Property Values – reality dawns

  1. Katherine Cowan says:

    Soon the whole of Scotland will be “virtually unsellable” Ann

  2. habitat21 says:

    Large numbers of houses are now being devalued by nearby wind turbines which dominate the landscape. My own neighbour was involved in a property ‘chain’ which collapsed when one of the prospective buyers found that the house he wanted to buy would soon have a wind farm built a quarter of a mile away. He backed out.

    Mainstream media sources are still asserting that there is no evidence for wind farms affecting property values. However, these are the same media sources which fail to report the appalling performance of wind turbines built south of Hadrian’s Wall.

    It would be helpful if more of them ceased printing Greenpeace press releases and returned to investigative journalism.

    A person from the West Country writes, in the Exeter Express and Echo, 30 Dec 2013:

    “I was told that my home was worth 30% less because of a wind farm 2km away and in full view. That is a reduction of £90,000 so an offer of compensation for £8,000 is an insult. Homes in our area have lost £100,000 and some cannot sell.”

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