Giant Fans: the new Scottish “Croft Clearers”

An interesting viewpoint from the antipodes and one which we concur with completely.



In the Scottish Highlands and Islands “Crofting” was a common method of land use and tenure that was modeled along feudal lines; and was still common well into the 19th century.  Crofting continues, on a much smaller scale – the crofters these days usually need to earn cash incomes off farm to sustain them.

Crofters were/are small landholders (tenants) engaged in small-scale, but productive, agriculture (productive that is, given the often harsh winters and peaty soils they operate in).

The croft involves a house and a few acres of arable land (where barley, fodder and vegetables are grown).  The crofter, ordinarily, also has access to common grazing ground on the hills around the “township” for cattle and sheep.

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries – in what were euphemistically called the “Highland Clearances” – landlords looking for better returns sought to displace…

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