Iconic Ben Wyvis under attack again!



Ferintosh Community Council

The Editor

Ross-shire Journal                                                                                  21st January 2014

Dear Sir,

NO! to (another) Ben Wyvis Wind Farm

Ferintosh Community Council has formally decided this week to object to the Woodlands Wind Farm application, another proposal that will obscure and corrupt the view of our iconic local mountain.

My purpose in writing to you on behalf of our residents is to raise awareness and the level of debate about the suitability of this application.

Our residents have already made up their minds. In polls conducted by email and door-to-door, 169 views have been gathered of which 150 (88%) residents wish to object. With 6 people undecided, only 13 (8%) residents support this application. The developers’ own polls at the first public consultation registered a 90% objection rate. Because the developers dismissed their poll as unrepresentative, part of our poll was door-to-door including areas with young families. 119 people were polled in this way and they registered an 87% objection rate. 

The near unanimity of view crystallises around the desperate desire to protect the Ben Wyvis range, which is now the only mountain view in our area free of wind turbines. Even residents whose direct view of Ben Wyvis is not impaired are clear in their view that Ben Wyvis must not be desecrated. The Cromarty Firth area has already made a major contribution to the national onshore wind turbine targets with Fairburn, Novar 1, Novar 2 and proposals for a Fairburn Extension and a Novar 3, not to mention the individual turbines of which Yellow Wells is now the most prominent in front of the Ben Wyvis range.

Our residents implore you to join the debate and actively consider whether or not the Ben Wyvis turbine gap should be filled in.

Ferintosh Community Council

You will all remember when Clath Liath was rejected a short while ago. Well Woodlands Farm(such an innocuous name) is really daughter of Clath Liath. Smaller in scale and slightly lower but still a monstrous carbuncle on a beautiful lady (Ben Wyvis). Time is running out though and objections need to be in by 7th February. Application number is 13/04703/FUL and objections can be registered on line here  (enter the reference number under simple search and you will find a ‘make a public comment’ button) For local press reports which clearly identify a very negative response click here

If you think this is bad enough we have been made aware of Clath Liath’s resurrection. Early days yet but this is what happens when Beauly-Denny waggles her hips at the developers!

Recently rejected projects (Tulloch / Carn Gorm / Clach Liath) have joint forces and are now developing new proposals.

They are cooperating with PNE Wind and PFR to design and make new applications.

2 new wind farm developments in process near Ben Wyvis:

1 project by developer PNE – type S36 as phase 1 + extension in phase 2.

1 project by developer PFR – no more details at this point.

S36 development in progress by PNE Wind near Ben Wyvis:

Development planned in 2 phases:

1)    Development of S36 wind farm, stretched along the hillside of Ben Wyvis covering the 2 rejected projects.

Position of the turbines on lower locations as previous application, to get it easier approved.

By building all the turbines on lower lands they will stay more away from ‘wild land territory’ higher up Ben Wyvis.

On lower lands, almost all forests will have to be removed on estates + be replanted/reseeded on higher lands.

2)    Later, an additional extension development, positioned up higher Ben Wyvis.

Why an S36-development?

Better dealing with other people who have to make decisions, not local but national.

Makes it easier to get support and approval, based on their better contacts on a higher political level.

PNE is pretty sure and believes strongly in getting this all permitted.

PNE wants:

1)    to progress and apply quickly, well prepared technically and politically.

2)    to get all possible political support structured, prior to their PR-campaign for the project.

3)    to get permitted by (end 2014) early 2015.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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5 Responses to Iconic Ben Wyvis under attack again!

  1. angus farquhar says:

    This is horrendous.

  2. heavywhalley says:

    Reblogged this on heavywhalley and commented:
    If you love the wild and wild places please read this and if you agree do something!

  3. angus farquhar says:

    John, been reading the application for the ‘Carn Gorm’ wind factory, and it is from PI Renewables Ltd. I thought the Carn Gorm was initially from ABO Wind, the same crowd who intend to spoil Kilmorack. So, is this separate/different from the ABO application, or have ABO dropped out leaving it for PI renewables. With of course PNE and PFR filling in the gaps?

    • I think Carn Gorm always was PI Renewables. We are staggering under an onslaught of mostly German companies who, having reached saturation point, now see Scotland as a soft touch. ABO was welcomed to Inverness by Fergus Ewing. What a message to give!
      Looking at the portfolio and financial status of yet another carpetbagger, SG should have supped with a long spoon!

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