No one lives up North. A great place to build wind farms!

Well folks, we know how many parliamentarians of both house believe that and certainly the Highlands suffers from that attitude from both Westminster and Holyrood. However we have all heard the news that Kielder Forest is now targetted by the wind pimps. Therefore it is appropriate that you have the opportunity to see a note I have recently received. Wind is not cheap, green or needed in the UK. Fact!

Wind Blow has been set up to oppose a huge windfarm planned for the east side of Kielder Forest, which will tower over the (‘protected landscape’ of the)  Northumberland National Park. ( up to 100 turbines, up to 170m high – just massive). 4 met masts are going up this spring. 

WB is a campaign for the protection of our wild land , huge horizons and dark skies.

Like Scotland, Northumberland is being wrecked. It’s the ‘desolate north’, in the eyes of certain southerners, so already 4x the 2020 target for the county has been allowed  – often on appeal by the planning inspectorate, an unbelievably undemocratic system. 

But we in Tarset are also concerned about the whole Border area  –  on both sides. Here we are a tiny community, with no resources: who is going to listen to us ?   We are aiming our efforts at spurring some ‘people of influence’ into demanding a turbine-free zone right across these great hills.

Your call for a moratorium ‘in the Highlands ( and everywhere!)’ struck a chord. I think every fight would have more impact if it had a broad linking of groups behind it. This is how we overturned government policy re selling off our forests – there was a national campaign network of local groups, reps of which have been ‘at the table’ at meetings with DEFRA and FC ever since.  Maybe there is a national network of which we are unaware. 

As for Forestry Commission England being happy to licence its land; well after fighting hard here to support and save the public forest estate recently, to know now that the same people were planning this all the while – it was deeply shocking to me personally.(I resigned when the wind farm plans were revealed). 

I note FC Scotland has just released more of its land for potential wind development, some of it right by Carter Bar. Also that the logging industry is beginning to show concern at the lack of replanting on foot of windfarm developments.

We wish Wind Blow well and any support you can give will be appreciated. As soon as their web site is established we will  make it available.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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One Response to No one lives up North. A great place to build wind farms!

  1. ” It’s always about the almighty Dollar $$$$$$$$$$$$..The fact is ! There is no safe distance for wind Turbines, NOT GREEN, NOT CHEAP, NOT RELIABLE, and come with a very BAD side EFFECT on people and the ENVIRONMENT. there is Nothing GREEN about WIND TURBINES . SAY NO TO WIND TURBINES.

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