£30 million Constraint Payments for windy days no longer acceptable


Michael Fallon MP

Michael Fallon MP

Michael Fallon has taken the bull by the horns and, regardless of the sycophantic support of wind by his boss Ed Davey, has castigated the wind industry for their consumption of some £30 million of Constraint Payments when the wind blows too hard for the transmission system to handle. One does sometimes wonder at the way the grid handles this as at these wind speeds Turbines usually need to be turned off anyway. Looks like the grid blinks before the wind industry. What better for a wind farm, as wind speeds rise to the level where they will be shut down, to bid to de-couple their output and therefore are guaranteed payments in excess of that for produced wind. The Wind industry will also point to the payments made to fossil fuel and nuclear supplies happily glossing over the fact that this is because government rules require preference to renewables. The grid has to contract energy in advance and  cannot allow for intermittency. Therefore we have an oversupply in standard generation at all times. It is of interest that as wind increases, hydro decreases. There is good reason for that and it is to reduce the constraint payments to traditional generation. Hydro is demand led and therefore not forward contracted.

The story on Fallon comments and the response from the Renewables(wind) industry is well reported in the Telegraph.

The response is interesting:

“As the cost of using fossil fuels is so high – and importing gas is particularly expensive – we need to lessen our dependence on them by harnessing our own abundant, clean and totally sustainable resources,” Maria McCaffery, Renewable UK’s chief executive said.
Coal prices are at their lowest for ten years and fracked gas will be imported from the US within the next six months as well as our own supplies coming on line. This mouthpiece of RUK either doesn’t have a clue or is disingenuous with her replies. We probably think a bit of both with a slant towards the latter.
I should think Ed Davey and Fallon are not talking AGAIN! Well Davey is off on paternity leave which explains a lot. With two SSE wind farms pulled on ‘economic viability’ grounds(?), I thought the comments from Scottish Renewables that wind was going through a difficult time should be music to our ears! Not only are planning applications, especially small scale, less likely to be approved than in the past, but the tide has turned! I note that on the last four applications that I have been studying there were a goodly tranche of objections but no, not one, letter of support. It would seem even the wind pimps are no longer paying rent a quote to balance objections with their crass “we like Wind Turbines and if you approve them we will leave our flats in Maida Vale and come up to Scotland to see them(Is Scotland near Milton Keynes?)” And now few “If we don’t have wind mills we will all drown as the sea rises and CO² causes the Somerset Levels to become a Saharan desert” Perhaps the future is again really Green! Green pastures and green hills devoid of the white behemoths of the failed wind industry!

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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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