ASA judgement on Renewables UK leaflet.

RenewableUK Lies new leaflet

This leaflet is what they call their new leaflet and is often to be found at Community Consultation meetings the length and breadth of the Country. Version one was slammed by the ASA and all that RUK did was re-lable it as their “New Leaflet” with a slightly more PC title from Seven Myths to Seven Common Questions about wind farms. Now the ASA has again upheld an objection and RUK has agreed to withdraw the leaflet. What is it about? Well some time ago(2007) RICS wrote a report seemingly to state that wind farms did not affect house values. As further research by RICS states “The RICS report acknowledged that there had been concerns raised about the effect on house prices by wind farm technology and went on to examine those concerns based on three sites in Cornwall. The report stated that of the 919 property transactions considered (in areas within five miles of the three wind farms examined) there was a 54% lower value in terraced houses and a 35% lower value in semi-detached houses (sited within one mile of a wind farm) compared with similar houses that were four to five miles from a wind farm.” How RUK can suggest that houses are not affected by wind farms is frankly astonishing. This RICS have since recanted or at least stated that it was out of date and too simplistic and should not be used to promote wind. However our old friends West Coast Energy (Falck) have got it in the neck big time and the ASA adjudication can be read here. Renewables UK have agreed to withdraw the misleading document but do we believe that they are now going to start telling the truth. Their second statement on noise, again a 2007 report by the Salford University, is so alien from experience and fact that anyone but a wind pimp would be ashamed to put their name to it! For all this tenacious effort we must thank Celia Hobbs, a lady who has the benefit of a long and experienced life behind her, and whose report and quite damning questions are included in this document


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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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