The Auld Alliance!

“Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.” Charles de Gaulle.

UK 2015The independence debate, if that is what you can call it, is getting very unpleasant. First Roseanna Cunningham, an advocate and MSP for many years, and at a time when she is the Scottish Government’s Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, tweets the name and address of a 82 year old gentleman, a retired General of Scottish Regiments, who sent letters to his contacts asking to consider  support for the Better Together Campaign. Even the Yes campaign, despite displaying a private letter redacted hie address and email. This gentleman was attacked by Cybernats in a most uncalled for and abusive way. Does the Minister apologise. No, she simply says his address is in Who’s Who. May be but not his email. Today Andrew Marr is vilified by SNP MSPs for challenging Alex Salmond’s assertions on the EU. This in reflection to a recent interview with Marr and Barrossa. The BBC is biased they say. Well we might say that with a great deal more justification about the STV. Under the SNP doctrine, debate is banned. Only blind obedience to the SNP doctrine. And that doctrine also concerns wind farms. For years we have been fed the garbage that house prices are not reduced by wind farms, that tourists will flock to our shores to sit under a turbine, that they will supply 100% of our energy and that wind energy will become cheaper than fossil fuel. We are told that 12,000 people work in the wind industry and yet they cannot tell us where. Most of us are proud to be Scots, proud of our country and it’s achievements. Scots have punched far above their weight in every part of the world and every discipline. Many made their fame and fortune outside of Scotland and yet we still bask in their reputation. My own relative Sir Alexander Fleming made his name not in Edinburgh but London and yet he is referred to as one of our most famous Scots. At a time when Europe has consolidated power, not always to the UK’s benefit, surely it is a nonsensical time for wanting to cede from the United Kingdom. I hear nationalist say they don’t want to be under a conservative administration but for much of recent history they were under a labour one. So the Maggie Thatcher card is an irrelevance as we look forward to the next three hundred years. As we crave more control over our own affairs and I can support that, our nationalist members of parliament seize more power to Holyrood and the Central Belt. Police Scotland, Fire Scotland, and now an attack on local councils reducing their power. National Planning schemes. If Scotland does grab Independence from the rest of the United Kingdom, many of us will be demanding autonomy for the Highlands and Islands. We will not choose the English pound but the Merk. Our logic? At the last exchange rate it would make anyone with over £65,000 a Merk Millionaire. At a stroke we would have more millionaires in the Highlands than the rest of the UK and following Salmond’s perverse logic that would make us very wealthy! Now you may ask am I a Unionist. Well I am a pragmatist which suggests that the moment we lost the main Scottish Banks, as soon as Salmond talked about taking on the Euro, as soon as we saw our First Minister threatening “The Dark City”, the die was caste and the option was debased. And I want more local power at grass roots, I would like to control more of our destiny. The politicians want fiscal control. Control over our taxes and the right to borrow billions. I would like to see a more federal administration. Less control from Westminster, and more decisions within Scotland, and in many cases at Council level. But NOT to give the Politicians the key to the Cookie Jar. They would scoff the lot and leave us to pay for it! As to Nationalism. No thanks! I am a Patriot both to Scotland and the United Kingdom. Like many Scots families, my relatives are spread far and wide and intermarried within the UK. It seems strange that my son who is temporarily living in London has no vote and yet a Polish waitress here for a couple of years has? The Cancer now in the debate is the foul and often racist language from the Nationalist side egged on and supported by the SNP MSPs. We may note that this may well be their last stand. The important element is that the Unionists don’t lower themselves to that level. That MPs do not revert to threats of dire consequences. Fact is that accommodations would be made. After all when the SNP Politicians have lost their seats, the rest of us have to live together. Teresa May’s threats of border controls at this time are unhelpful. Under EU doctrine they could come to pass but if you alienate the Scots, it may very well push people into the Yes vote out of pure bloody mindedness and us Scots have plenty of that!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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