Armageddon is just around the corner – The IPCC says so


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The IPCC also said that the snow on the Himalayas would have melted. South Sea Islands disappeared below the waves and the Ice Caps would have vanished. They now say the the non existent Global warming(no change in the last 17 years) has descended into the oceans. Why do we know this is true? Because the Guardian, The Independent and the BBC tells us it is. Since October 2013 there has been an increasing number of scientists, with relevant qualifications, that have questioned the IPCC. In fact so many that still support it, like Paul Nurse, have no relevant qualifications. Nearly every prognosis that they have made has been drawn from Fantasy Land. What is worrying is that so many people have bought into the religion of Climate Change and now can’t get off. Their response is to shriek Denier and Sceptic and attempt to deny the freedom of speech to those that dare question their mantra. Now Climate does change; often in cyclical seven year, ten year and a hundred year time spans. Look at history and we had floods as bad as this year, we also had famine and pestilence driven by weather events. The friends of the IPCC point to our saviour in the guise of Genetic engineering. GM Crops! Others talk of the necessity of ongoing research. Funny that, we have the opportunists, the rapid naysayers(those of the Religion) and the gravy train addicts. What we would all like is honesty but we won’t expect any of that. Now I don’t debate the Climate may be changing and will continue to do so. Whether these are just cyclical weather events or a long term variation can be debated. What we do know is that Climate has changed since the dinosaurs. Deserts were once lakes and lakes deserts. What we also know is that in the last five thousand years man has evolved with it and without the assistance of the IPCC, The Guardian, The Independent or the BBC. Truth is the last Ice Age arrived in six months, other climate change was over thousands of years. If Climate changes it will not be within the time schedule of the IPCC. It will change to its own schedule and in its own way. The interference of man is as a flea on an elephants back. We may well face solar events and volanic eruptions that may well change our climate as they have done in the past. Nature, in the end, will prove more powerful that any UN committee on Climate Change. To even suggest otherwise shows the terrible arrogance of man.

is global warming real

To counter the scare stories of the IPCC the Climate scientists of the Non-governmental International Panel for Climate Change,  NIPCC, has launched their own peer reviewed response. Click Here. Don’t forget that we have now had twenty five years of Climate alarm-ism starting with Anthropomorphic Global Warming. And all lead by a man who trained to be a railway engineer!



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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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2 Responses to Armageddon is just around the corner – The IPCC says so

  1. dave ward says:

    “They now say the the non existent Global warming has descended into the oceans.

    I once worked as an electrican in a boat building yard, and remember having a set-to with the yard manager over the location of the battery chargers and inverters. The traditional place was behind the seat-backs in the main saloon, but this was not a well ventilated area, and visible slots were frowned upon (these were luxury, ocean going yachts). He suggested that we should cut some slots in the floor to “let the heat escape down to the bilge”…

    Yes, really!!!

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