Company of Clowns!

clownsI look on in amazement as the Clegg ( a parasitic little annoyance) announces his Veto of Conservative restrictions on wind. Amazement as no such Conservative restrictions have been made. Amazement as he is a junior partner in the coalition and veto is something that is not within our constitution. Next, and a little limp wristed, is the leak that Cameron intends to include in the next election manifesto the intention to restrict subsidies and re-enforce planning to prevent more wind turbines. It is even suggested that some may be taken down by developers. What? Is Sir Reggie Sheffield going to give up the goose that lays the golden eggs? Over the last few days, ably supported by another Lib-Dim conference, we have truly seen a Company of Clowns. The value of Royal Mail, advised by the bankers, has been proven a great embarrassment as those same bankers have pocketed hundreds of millions of pounds profits. Selling Royal Mail at that time was a strange choice but Vince Cable was a man not to be moved. Setting aside industrial unrest, he ploughed ahead as a man on a mission. Now Cameron trumpets it’s success as Royal Mail now being profitable in the private sector. With the rise in postal prices since privatisation, are we that surprised? But if in a matter of months it proves a roaring success story, why could it not have done so under public ownership? Truth is that the Chancellor got £2 billion to plug a hole in his finances and this was more like a poor man going to a pay day loans shark for something to last until the next social security cheque comes in. Back to the Conservatives and Wind. And there is certainly a roaring gale around Westminster. This all too groon PM is hoist by his own petard. He granted the Lib-Dems members of the coalition the DECC, firstly with Chris Huhne and now with Ed Davies. They populated it with people cast to their own mould. The interference with the IPCC report shows that. The Conservative hinterland is restless and with the European elections only weeks away, the Scottish Referendum closing in and Parliamentary elections now concentrating minds, Cameron is looking for a get out of goal card. And wind seems to be one of those. Stick it on the manifesto and we can be as tough as hob nail boots without actually doing anything! Do we not remember promises of a European referendum in the previous manifesto? Kicked into the long grass post the next election. Never mind they have passed a law? We need decisive action now and I would start with kicking Ed Davies out of the DECC and closing that bastion of green ideologies down. We have a perfectly good DEFRA to oversee ecological issues and a perfectly good BID to oversee energy. Then we might look at some of the place takers of the Lib-Dem Coalition and discuss if they are fit for purpose. There are a number of very capable Conservative backbenchers who didn’t go to Eton that could be brought forward into the light. They might even take a hold of Conservative plans for fracking and the denouement of wind to the benefit of all. We might actually get an energy policy that works. On the positive side, the rumbles of the conservatives are going to destabilise the wind energy market and many of the money men will be shy on investing. That may not initially stop planning applications but it may mean many never get built. Localism of planning has to be supported and getting “Pickled” should be a fate of many carpetbaggers in the UK. As to Scotland, never forget that Westminster took back control of the value and disposition of ROCs so any strictures on wind in the south will have definite effect on wind north of the border.

Perhaps at the next cabinet meeting, boxing gloves will be provided.


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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