Climate is historical.

Fourier Analysis reveals six natural cycles driving temperatures, no man-made effect: predicts cooling

from Joanne Nova’s Blog  site.

Lüdecke, Hempelmann, and Weiss found that the temperature variation can be explained with six superimposed natural cycles. With only six cycles they can closely recreate the 240 year central European thermometer record. There is little “non-cyclical” signal left, suggesting that CO2 has a minor or insignificant effect.

The three German scientists used Fourier analysis to pick out the dominant cycles8-16-thermometer-1790-crop of one of the longest temperature records we have. The Central European temperature is an average of records from Prague, Vienna, Hohenpeissenberg, Kremsmünster, Paris, and Munich.

The dominant cycle appears to be about 250 years. There is also a cycle of about 60 years, corresponding to the Atlantic/Pacific decadal oscillations.

Data is of course, always the biggest problem. If we had 10,000 years of high quality global records, we could solve “the climate” within months. Instead, we have short records, and Lüdecke et al, make the most of what we have. The European records are only 240 years long, or (darn) one dominant cycle, and only one region, so to check that the results are valid over longer periods they also analyze a the 2000 year Spannagel Cave stalagmites proxy, where the dominant cycle of roughly 250 years is confirmed. To show that the results apply to other parts of the world, they look at the German Alfred Wegener Institut (AWI), Antarctica series.

Ominously, the temperatures of the dominant cycle (in Europe at least) peaked circa 2000 and if the six-driving-cycles do represent the climate then things are going to get cooler, quickly. Wait and see…

Fourier analysis can’t tell us what causes the cycles, but it can tell us the likely frequency, amplitude and phase of those cycles. If these are accurate, it can be used to rule out significant effects from man-made forces and ultimately to predict what will happen next.

Now I tend to fight shy of discussing Climate as the views espoused by those messianic about Global Warming and Climate Change brook no challenge. Deniers and sceptic are thrown down as insults and little discussion is allowed. Even the BBC is in the thrall of such acolytes. But debate and discussion are the food of science. Consensus is a political word and like a great deal of politics has little basis in the real world. As Einstein said “It does not take a hundred scientists to prove me right, it only takes one to prove me wrong”. So I present this with no apology and leave you to consider it’s pertinence.



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