A Report is only as good as the Data available

nil valueProfessor Stephen Gibbons of the London School of Economics has produced a valuable report, Gone with the Wind,  Valuing the Visual Impacts of Wind turbines, which is the first such independent report since the 2007 RICS statement, so often paraded by Scottish Ministers and Scottish Renewables, despite the authors caution that it was a snapshot in time when wind was a very new commodity. We must commend Prof Gibbons on such a detailed analysis.

This recent London School of Economics Report quantifies the loss of value but we may consider fails to adequately cover the Planning Blight that results in houses that simply will not sell. No sale equals no statistics! Prof Gibbins has done a good job but he can only work with the sales statistics available. We need to make him aware of houses that don’t sell, buyers that withdraw when they find a wind farm is planned locally and those that have sold far below their market price or simply been abandoned. We are aware of many that estate agents simply refuse to take instruction on because they know they won’t be able to sell them. We know of many others where owners are trapped in their homes due to the negative equity created by the drop in price. Those that have been on the market for a year or more and have elicited no viewings. These are the blind statistics that are on no records. Anecdotal evidence is of little use to such reports but detail with name, address, wind farm/turbine proximity and contact details to verify the information would prove a valuable resource. We may even encourage a revision. Prof Gibbons email is s.gibbons@lse.ac.uk

On knock on impact of the LSE report has been analysed with a serious extrapolation. Rough calculations based on the estimates suggest that the implied social costs on the local community (within four kilometres) amounts to about £5.6 million per operational wind farm, or about £210 per household per year. That makes a mockery of Community Benefit!

There is also the opportunity of influencing a report commission by the Scottish Government on this same issue. That the parameters are extremely narrow will come as no surprise to those of us experienced in the machinations of Holyrood. However it is always good to talk so use this opportunity to address the organ grinder whilst you have the chance. The two people involved are the instigator, Sue Kearns ( sue.kearns@scotland.gsi.gov.uk ) and the author, Professor Gwilym Pryce ( Gwilym.Pryce@glasgow.ac.uk )




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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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