Respect for War Dead?

war memorial1

war Memorial 2RWE (Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk AG) is perhaps not the best company to want to build a wind farm next to a World War II crash site. The old adage “Don’t mention the War” comes to mind but in this case it may be questioned whether the Reporter was a touch insensitive to local feelings. His conditions mitigate that the memorial should be moved to allow all the turbines to be constructed. What about moving the turbines where they don’t overshadow a war grave, or better still refuse the application! That a German owned company, with a dubious National Socialist(Nazi) past, should be the developer cannot be ignored.

25. A memorial cairn with plaques has been erected close by the site at a lay-by on the A9. It remembers the victims of a military air crash in 1945. The crash site itself is a monument and the memorial a guide to it. The significance of the location of the memorial is that it allows those who care, the opportunity to appreciate the landscape of the crash site. The sense of desolation and openness would be seriously compromised by further turbines near the memorial, particularly as the southernmost turbines proposed would encroach on the views towards the crash site from the memorial. I consider that this is of such importance that it justifies requiring the memorial to be re-sited and adjusted as a condition of the permission. I note that there are other locations along the A9 which might be suitable and am content that this could be left to the parties to agree the detail.

23. No development shall begin until a scheme for the relocation and consequent
adjustment of the memorial to the crew of the WW2 Flying Fortress currently situated on the west side of the A9(T) (VP8 in the ES), has been submitted to and agreed in writing by the planning authority. The agreed scheme shall be implemented before erection of the first turbine, or some other date as may be agreed with the planning authority. [Reason: To ensure that the memorial continues to have an open relationship with the landscape of the crash site to which it relates.] 

This really is an insult to all those airmen that sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy(?) today!

addendum: This year will see the two remaining Avro Lancasters flying over the UK. An opportunity has occurred on ebay to fly in the Canadian Lancaster for it’s eighteen hour flight, including refuelling stops, for the cost of £25,000 to defray it’s ferry costs. I believe this is the last year the RAF Lancaster will fly at displays so this will be a momentous event. Although most Lancaster flight crews will now be with the Great Pilot of the Skies, the love for these aircraft and of the Hurricane and Spitfire remains undiminished. Somehow they endender feelings that no modern jet ever has done. The B17 was of that generation.

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