Glen Affric Friends Say NO!


Glen Affric, the world renowned National Nature Reserve, the Glen Affric/Strathconon Golden Eagle Special Protected Area, the proposed Wild Lands (Central Highlands Core Area 24) and Strathglass are under attack from German Wind Developers WPD and ABO Wind,and London based Wind Prospect Developments 2 Ltd. Following in the footsteps of the local, but smaller scale, Corrimony wind farm these new proposals are now visually intruding into the tourist areas in an unacceptable way. Sorbheas is a community company formed with the Girvan family and Corrimony Energy to buy off the local residents. Not only are the residents now fighting WPD and the landowners, they find interested parties (Sorbheas) are creating major ructions within the local community. Dangeld has raised it’s ugly head and those leading the charge are not even resident local to the new proposals. It goes to prove that wind is one of the most corrupting and destructive elements to Scottish Communities in the 21st Century. If Beinn Mhor(WPD) gets approved it will prove far more difficult to prevent The Kerrow Farm(Wind Prospects) next door, and the Allt Carach, The Deceitful Stream(ABO) in the centre of Strathglass. With the southern perimeter already damaged by the Beauly-Denny line, Strathglass and Glen Affric will become deserted and industrialised. What a legacy to leave to a future generation? In this video you will see a great number of fantastic images. How any one could consider this a suitable area for wind farms defies belief. Over 100,000 people per annum visit Glen Affric and hill walking over the mountains to the north is a major attraction. Future walkers would be surrounded by wind farms of an industrial scale. From anecdotal evidence, even from a senior Visit Scotland executive, they suggest that they will take their boots elsewhere. Recent research has identified that figure at between 74 and 95%. The reduction in footfall could soon see the death throes of the local tourist industry including the recently opened and highly acclaimed £4 million Eagle Braes holiday development and the world renowned Aigas Field Centre. Even the land owner run Tomich Holidays will be hard placed to survive. But then with all that lovely wind farm money I don’t suppose the Fraser’s will care that much!

Despite a massive 276 objection to a met mast at the proposed ABO site at Kilmorack/Aigas/Struy the planner has decided to support the application, quoting directly from the developers late response to objections. Councillors tend to follow the view that masts are always approved on appeal so it is pointless refusing them. Times are changing though and pressure on un-suitable sites is growing so perhaps the Highland Council should listen to the people who live here and deliver a clear signal to the developers that this is not an appropriate site! The Planner takes great pains in pointing out the two letters in support despite those coming from the directors of a wind farm site procurement company. A bit of an own goal there? The same developer’s response to objections suggesting that they were in amicable negotiations with Eagle Brae and Aigas Field Centre have been strongly refuted by these two local businesses in letters to the Planning Committee members and the Planners. It goes to prove that the more courteous response to developers will be spun as total support. The only real response is a closed door!


The Highland Council Planning Committee refused permission for the Met Mast at Kilmorack/Aigas by a margin of 10-3. The supporters were the SNP Chair, the Lib-Dim Planning Committee Leader, Cllr. Prag, and another SNP member. One local member had to leave after admitting being entertained by ABO but failing to declare it. Full marks to the local Councillors who put up a spirited fight! And they say you wait for a bus and two come along at once. Another Mast in Perth/Kinross was refused today.

The question now is will the local councillors stand by the local communities and send the wind farm developers packing or will they roll over and fall in line with centrist government(SNP) agenda? We know all too well that the leader of the Council, Cllr. Drew Hendry, the Planning Chair, Cllr. Thomas Prag, and our local SNP MSP Dave Gibson are totally behind wind farms. But then elections are not that far away now and I can’t see much support for independence if these are not soundly rejected!

Weir’s Way – Glen Affric

“If you are looking for a special bit of big and untamed Highland Country!”


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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3 Responses to Glen Affric Friends Say NO!

  1. David says:

    Please support the guys trying to fight the ridiculous proposal of putting a wind farm adjacent to the Glen Affric NNR. Adjacent to a National Scenic Area, SSSI, SPA and RSPB reserve. Adjacent to the Tweedmouth memorial cross. Over 100,000 visitors decide to come to Glen Affric and the surrounding communities. Nearly half of these are from overseas. It will destroy the delicate economy that is centred around tourism. This is madness. Objections against planning are now being taken by Highland ePlanning. The reference is 14/01731/FUL, deadline is 4th June 2014. Good luck!

  2. geoff says:

    Here we go again, is nowhere sacred!

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