There are none so blind as do not want to see

noise issues


Scottish Minister studying Health implications of Wind Farms

Noise issues with wind are not new. They surfaced in a 1987 US report many years ago and a continuing flow of data and analysis starting with the Waubra report and the evidence of Dr. Nina Pierepoint. There are now a long and detailed raft of peer reviewed reports on health implications from wind. Recent reports from Taiwan suggest a flock of goats have suffered and another that mink at a farm in Denmark have been seriously effected raises a great number of questions. If animals are suffering then certainly humans are not immune. In the UK there is irrefutable evidence that people have been adversely affected which backs up evidence from Ottawa, the US and Australia. The only people blind to the problem are the DECC, the Scottish Government and the Renewables Industry. Noise is a strange thing. Some people are more affected than others and there is good evidence that suggests some effects are psychological. However these induce stress and every doctor will tell you stress can be a silent killer. Certainly sleep deprivation can have serious health implications. More information is slowly being identified from low frequency noise(infrasound) but as neither the government or the industry measures this (not even included in ETSU-R97) it really is a hidden, although known, concern. And not only the turbines but the new substations and the 400KV lines have been identified with the substation at the northern end of the Beauly Denny line being issued with a noise abatement order. What is certain that the government has not taken these concerns on board and engaged in proper peer reviewed research, preferring to accept the words of the Industry. Something that they have a long record of doing. You really cannot take seriously the Scottish government who have asked Climate X-Change(ClimateXChange is Scotland’s centre of expertise on climate change) for their opinion. This is not a Climate issue, it is a Health and Acoustic problem. DEFRA identified problems in 2005 and commission the NANR45 report. The Scottish Government’s arrogance beggars belief. But then Climate and Wind are a religion not a science. They really should listen to Murdo Fraser MSP and Convenor of the Energy, Economy and Tourism Committee who suggests ignoring the people effected, the anti-wind lobby, is unwise.

One further comment. The term ‘Anti-Wind’ has been trumpeted by the Industry in the same way as Climate Deniers and Sceptics by the ‘Climatologists and Carbonistas’ of the Climate religion. The word Anti always has negative connotations. perhaps a more accurate definition would be Pro-Sustainable Energy. Because Wind certainly ain’t! We are Pro Homo Sapiens, Pro the Rural Environment, Pro the Wild Lands, Pro Tourism, Pro our Quality of Life, Pro Sustainable and Economical Energy Supplies. I don’t see much Anti in that!

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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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  1. cornwallwindwatch says:

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    The only problem with this is the actual evidence that is being gathered from homes around the world, including the UK which totally contradicts this.

  2. Do you mean the evidence provided by bodies paid for by the Renewables Industry. There is plenty of peer reviewed evidence that contradicts them. Finland is actually working on producing independent researched data as are Australia. Initial findings suggest that the Wind Industry and Governments with an agenda have been less than honest in their previous findings. However when setbacks are the recommended 2km, a great deal of the damage is mitigated.Not removed totally but less invasive. However geological variances and landscape are also factors in noise propagation and this is not fully understood yet. As are the impacts on health which affects people in different ways. Stress related illness seems prevalent in many cases. Improved as soon as people move away, even if only for a night. Quantifying that in individual cases with a direct causal link to a wind farm is often difficult. However if any other noise issue had such obvious causal effect it is without doubt that the forces of law would descend on those responsible for causing the nuisance with little mercy. Can people learn to live with wind? Undoubtedly so, as those that learn to live with Motorways and no doubt HS2. However the pure physical overwhelming presence of wind turbines takes it to a new level and without doubt many people won’t be able to without a serious degradation of their quality of life. As the benefits are dubious and over stated, it really brings one down to a simple equation. Is Wind worth the damage to people’s quality of life and to our environment, for a mess of porridge?

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