Enough is Enough!


For those of you in the Northern parts of England I should like to bring to your attention a demonstration in Beverly this Saturday that says “Enough is Enough”. The continual growth of wind applications is stressful on local communities, expensive and unacceptable. What you are saying is what we are all thinking. Those of us that can’t join you in person do so in spirit.

Please try to attend the Beverley event on Saturday 12 July – starting at 10.00am

Show your opposition to wind farms being built too close to homes – Enough is enough. See here for details . 

It is now over five years since the Woodlane wind farm fight began. In that 5 years there has been a big increase in opposition, matched by a shift in public opinion and in planning policy. Each new wind farm creates new problems and new victims and from this a wider appreciation of the problems created. The response to each new wind farm proposal is the immediate formation of an action group.   

The collective strength of over 400 action groups in the UK is enormous, they have succeeded in getting wind farms recognised as a major threat in rural constituencies, and in getting Government policies changed via their MP’s. Some of these MPs including David Davis have appeared as witnesses at planning enquiries. They understand how the wind industry operates and how much misery the prospect of the wind farm brings to nearby villages. In Selby and Ainsty we must thank Nigel Adams for his unstinting opposition to wind farms and large single turbines – which has been a major factor in getting many of them refused. 

Now is the time to move things on to the next stage. There have already been a number of Ministerial statements that make it clear that local views are an important consideration, that the need for renewable energy does not trump local landscapes, and that we need better protection for our heritage assets. Recently we have seen appeal decisions called in by Eric Pickles who has taken the final decision, sometimes refusing them when an inspector has recommended approval. A new word has been created to describe this – Pickled.

The process and the results at two wind farm appeals are fully explained here – the page includes a video interview with David Davis MP.

In spite of this wind farm and wind turbine applications continue – around Selby there is just one wind farm so far but with approved wind farms, appeals pending and other applications at various stages it could be 6 or more wind farms with  over 50 industrial turbines. In addition there have been over 40 applications for single turbines up to 90 metres high, just short of a cooling tower.

Enough is enough – and we need to demonstrate the strength of feeling against the proliferation of turbines across our countryside. Over in East Yorkshire the situation is even worse and we will hear details about what could be coming our way if do not continue to fight proposals in Selby District.   

I know that it is short notice but it would be really good if we could put up a good showing in Beverley this coming Saturday – this is a well organised march with road closure for the event, speakers include David Davis. There is easy parking and a walk of just over a mile into Beverley.

This is a major event and it is very important that we show that we care – the media will be there and we need to make sure they see that wind turbines are big news and that the strong opposition from the normally silent majority. Enough is enough and we need to make it clear that we want our countryside protected from the proliferation of onshore turbines.

More information here

Howard Ferguson




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Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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