Not a Good Week for Wind Warriors

bad newsNot only wind but Solar. The news that the Courts awarded £132 million (a rather one sided report by ClickGreen) against the Government in the botched withdrawal of Feed in Tariffs to Solar Energy by Greg Barker. The law firm, Prospect Law, that got this award has some reputation and connections with the wind industry but this action by Barker had been badly approached and carried through, which left the industry in disarray. It has really been lost in the annals of time but it could have been done properly and effectively without giving the industry a massive bung of OUR money. One does wonder whether the advice from the DECC had been provided in such a way to leave the Minister hung out to dry. Perhaps though we should consider the bright side and the size of the award suggests the level those adversely affected by wind and solar may expect. They have set the standard and that can work both ways. If landowners can make millions why not those who suffer the noise, shadow flicker and sleepless nights. It is not so much asperation on our side as penalty to them at levels which they will feel and will hurt!

Second piece of bad news is that the Appeal judges in the Viking Wind Farm, Shetlands, case have over-ridden the previous judgement by Lady Clark who quashed permission for the mammoth wind farm. Connectivity is still reliant on the Beatrice/Moray connections and we have yet to hear what Sustainable Shetland plans to do. No comments can be made against the appeal court judges however we may wish to disagree with their findings.

All in all one could say a bad day for the law and our respect for it. The wind weasels will be crowing tonight!

As if things could not get worse we have an application for a wind farm in Wild Lands on Rannoch Moor. This does not need further comment as a previous post addresses that.

Finally we are informed that the 6 turbine wind farm at Pearie Law in the Central Belt has been approved after mitigation was accepted by Edinburgh Airport. It’s close proximity to other consented and operational wind farms such as Black Law does suggest this area has now been well and truly trashed. Also the 22 turbine Harburnhead Wind Farm near West Calder.

The only good bit of news was that Fauch Hill (Falk) was refused. Quite why the Minister refused one on the grounds of unacceptable adverse visual and landscape impacts and approved the other in the same area is a matter of conjecture. One can only assume that the different reporters took a different view.

The Navitus Application is also having a rough ride! However they always say that it is darkest before dawn so let us shake ourselves off and carry on the fight!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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