First you’re excited then you realise they still haven’t got it!

Scour Effects Offshore Turbine Towers More than Predicted (UK). Wind energy is taking an increasing battering, with vulnerability to storm damage, ...

Scour Effects Offshore Turbine Towers More than Predicted (UK). Wind energy is taking an increasing battering, with vulnerability to storm damage, …

Grant Shapps, Chairman of the Conservative Party has thrown down the gauntlet that says no more onshore wind farms. Up yours, Cleggie! A hard and straight reaction that wind has had it’s day and subsidies must be axed. Never mind that the Lib-Dims want a turbine on every blade of grass. Hooray!! And then you catch site of the follow on. Off-shore is where the future lies. Plenty of wind around our coasts. They really have no idea do they. Subsidy levels to offshore wind are twice plus those for on-shore and the foreign developers are demanding more and more. They are the greedy piggies! Efficiency may run as high as 30% but that actually means that 70% of the time they are as much use as a cat flap in a submarine!  That is like having a dairy cow only firing on one udder. You would send it for petfood! Likewise these turbines at that level of operational efficiency should be sent for scrap! Off-shore wind is not only expensive but it is technically flawed. The saline conditions, the sea bed and the sea state conspire against long term reliance on wind. Offshore wind has to come onshore and the substations and overhead towers to convey the power to our cities are as visually intrusive as wind farms. The substations are also very noisy as the power is balanced for the grid. I have spoken to many people ‘hosting’ off-shore wind and they remark that the noise is intrusive and it carries over the water. Any sailor could tell you that, if you ever bothered to listen Mr. Shapps! Our fishing industry is being fragmented and destroyed by major off-shore development. Our coastal holiday trade is being decimated by off-shore wind be it Norfolk, Skegness, Whitby, Wales, Devon or Hampshire. Our sea farers are put at risk and our sailing industry, or what is left of it, is in danger of collapse. We still have not got any joined up thinking in Westminster. There is an opportunity with fracking but the DECC is delaying that as much as their Lib-Dim Secretary of State and his climate munchkins can. We are years behind with nuclear and we are closing coal fired power station, changing them over to bio-mass or screwing around with nonsensical Carbon Capture that pushes coasts through the roof! Coal is at it’s cheapest for a generation. Do we need to paint you a picture Mr. Shapps? Read the story and weep!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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