The Death of the DECC – Wouldn’t it be wonderful

Can I start by using a Quote from an Anonymous commentator. Now I don’t usually countenance anons but in this case I shall willingly make an exception. The DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change – the name is even an oxymoron) was derived to pursue a policy by taking away two elements from the DTI and Defra and concentrating them in a new body whose position is closer to a Church than a Government department. Certainly those that work there are of the Religion of Climate Change(AGW)!

The Church of AGW

The Church of AGW

I have a relative who works at DECC, and has done since getting his masters. He’s an environmental economist (one of many in DECC, I imagine), briefing the likes of Huhne, Davey, and Gummer. He appears to know nothing whatever about the climate question, but is fully invested in the warming scare (condition of employment, I guess).

Closing DECC would obviously benefit the country: but it would also benefit many of those who work there. My relative is not an untruthful man, but he has worked since leaving university in an environment where systematic untruthfulness and wishful thinking are the norm; an environment where the taxpayer would get better value if he were paid to stay at home and do nothing. He desperately needs to get out and find a real job (although his qualifications won’t help with that).

This comment is anonymous partly because I don’t want to foment a family rift, and partly because I am ashamed of having a family member employed in this way.”

Recently the Commons Public Accounts Committee has produced a damning report on the DECC. The question is should the work of the DECC now be returned to the appropriate bodies from which it first morphed, the DTI (now BID) and Defra. A cull of all the environmentalists (Climate Junkies) would benefit us all and the eradication of Davey and the Lib-Dims from such a position would be a win/win situation. After all Energy is the life blood of Industry, and the creation of energy is industrial by it’s very definition. Climate Change(AGW) is a scam that most intelligent commentators and real scientists are now distancing themselves from. Climate changes and it has done for millenia and will continue to do so. It is not our task to try to change the climate but to manage our reaction to it. That is better done by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

That much of this mismanagement was on the watch of one Chris Huhne does not excuse the present. Bring back Patterson and Hayes and the world, or at least the UK, would be a better place.

You never know the dismemberment of this monolith of green ambitions and the resulting P45s may well prove a solution to the National Debt.


Global warming trends


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