Turbines infest every country, not just the UK

The commune of Saint Barbant has approximately 300 residents but is targeted to have 12 wind turbines of at least 140m in height. The Limousin is targeted to have as many as 300 new turbines erected. The area is rural, peaceful and already a poor region, relying on agriculture, tourism and income brought in by the migration of non-native people such as British, Irish, Dutch, Belgians, South Africans etc. The impact of foreigners on the economy of the region is significant, bringing life to villages, filling local schools, bringing tourists, renovating older properties and saving them from ruin, local spending etc etc. Flooding such a beautiful area will be catastrophic long term for the whole region. Property prices will drop for all, property sales will collapse, the area will be a landscape blighted and tourists will choose other regions to visit, shops will close, schools will close as newcomers choose to relocate elsewhere. Several studies have shown the health impacts of wind farms to be damaging to human and animal health. Reports of heart problems, breathing problems, high blood pressure, headaches from those living close to a turbine are widespread worldwide. Deformities in animals being born since the construction of a wind farm are common. Bats, migratory birds, birds of prey are among the species decimated by these turbines. In one case 1,000 bats were killed in the first month by one farm alone! The efficiency of the wind farms is now under worldwide scrutiny. Denmark and Germany both halting their programmes. The power produced is limited to when the wind is not too strong or equally too low. The turbine needs huge amounts of non eco oil to turn, electricity is required to start the blades and to illuminate them day and night. As the power produced diminishes as the wind drops or gets too powerful, power to the network is demanded from power stations. These need to get up to full power quickly to compensate, in so doing they release more carbon dioxide then if maintained at a constant rate. NO COUNTRY with wind turbines has closed ONE power station as a result. Billions has been spent to erect these turbines and now it is clearly evidenced that they are unproductive. The companies developing the sites and the land owners are the only winners! They continue to be built in order to meet the targets set and signed up to for the production of green energy. It is political but is being proven to be an environmental as well as a financial disaster. Locally for the residents of Saint Barbant, we were told across two public meetings that it would be 5, 7 or 10 years before these might be developed. We were told there would be a maximum of 5. The outgoing Maire agreed to this development, now we learn 2 years ago. The locations for the turbines are the land of her Father, her brother and her close friend. As of the 29th December 2014, we are told that 12 turbines will be built starting in 9 MONTHS time! The commune has not been consulted, the decision is made. Please help us STOP this project. We need your help quickly please, we have little time to act to save our commune and our beautiful region. Please sign today. Thank you. Sign the petition

About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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