Fracking in Scotland, or not?

We all hear either with elation or despair the comments by Fergus Ewing in the Scottish Parliament. For those that have called for a moratorium on wind for the last years, it is extremely galling, if not a true kick in the teeth, to listen to recent comments. Those that are against fracking seem to get their information from FoE and other pressure groups with no clear understanding of the technology. Fracking is in use in the  North Sea for gas exploration by Centrica(British Gas) and has been for years. Those involved are mostly Scots or English engineers which has created a great number of well paid jobs in the industry. The oft quoted flaming faucets of american mythology is simply coal gas methane which has been around for decades and has absolutely nothing to do with fracking. We see son of Swampy and imported agitators at every anti fracking rally which resurrects the same people seen smashing corporate windows in central London in their left wing drive in the anti capitalist march. Interesting that the US have proved some groups are funded by that oil and coal producing nation state Russia. Of note is that some anti wind protesters have joined the anti fracking agenda. That disappoints me as anti wind caucus has always been well informed and well educated in all matters of wind and that has always been their strength. One would have expected the same analytical approach to un-conventional gas and a support for democratic decisions on a local basis and not more power for the Politicians.


Fracking well head

Fracking Well Head


No one wants to see a free for all in Fracking by overseas carpetbaggers like we have in the wind industry. But well managed fracking under appropriate oversight is essential for the economy of these isles to compete in the world markets against other countries which have developed or are developing unconventional gas supplies. Problem is that our hierachy is in thrall to the Greens and eco-loons whose first interest is a left wing anti capitalist agenda. Look at how many national and international eco/carbon committees are well seeded with WWF and FoE ‘appointees’. We do need well managed and well controlled exploitation of our reserves rather than a gold rush scenario much favoured by politicians of the left and right which sees selling licences for billions as a milch cow for their ambitious vanity projects. Where and if fracking be approved should rest with local councils and local communities lest we see another scalp for the Energy Consents body in over-riding democratic decisions (in the national interest?) Overseen and controlled, not by the politically motivated DECC, but by such as the Royal Geological Survey and the Mines Inspectorate employing engineers and technicians rather than the usual phalanx of eco graduates and consultants. 


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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2 Responses to Fracking in Scotland, or not?

  1. Brenda says:

    Never understood this when we know how much damage windfarms do. Was talking to someone about fracking recently and they had “read a book” about how dangerous it was – I had no chance.

  2. Written no doubt by Greenpus, FoE or WFF sponsored by some Russian oligarch with gas or coal interests

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