Nationalism, the route for Scotland?

Can of wormsFor many Scots the attraction of a powerful and united lobby in Westminster has many attractions. Fifty five Scottish MPs voting for and supporting Scottish interests. Sounds attractive. Except of course we have always had fifty five Scottish MPs supporting Scottish interests. Arguably the last three Prime Ministers have been Scots. Yes, Mr. Cameron, as his name implies is a Scot. Father born in Moray and like many Scots, now and then, moved down to London to make his fortune. Let us look at the famous sons of Scotland and how many made their name and fortune outwith Scotland. Danny Alexander is a Scot and Secretary to the Treasury. Ramsay MacDonald was another son of Scotland. So whatever party they vote for Scots have punched well above their weight south of the border. What is certain is the a Nationalist MP in London will have no real power as the body politic will close ranks on a minority party. Now let us explore the tack record of power from Scotland imposed on the rest of the UK. Let us travel back in time to Charles I who moved south with his supporters and produced the first tartan Westminster Village. Once in power in London he barely cast a glance north to his country and his cohorts, much enamoured with the London social life, quickly lost interest in their cold castles and peasantry. The attractions of London will soon sway the SNP MPs towards a southern lifestyle. Don’t believe me? Name a sitting SNP MP!

So the attraction of a united caucus of Scottish MPs, singing from one hymn sheet, may well sway the vote, but the reality is that individual interests will always carry the day. The odd committee here, the odd directorship there and our Nationalist MPs will soon become part of what most see as a corrupted Westminster Village.

The rise of Nationalism in Scotland has been meteoric but not without precedent. Look back to Germany in the 20’s. We are seeing exactly the same control from the centre; Police Scotland, Fire Scotland, Named Person(children) etc. We see the same party supported abuse and thuggery. And we see the blind faith of the followers. Racism against the English is now endemic in same areas especially the SNP social media. When has Sturgeon moved against the SNP trolls. No, she supports them. Try criticising Salmond or Sturgeon and Police Scotland will soon be knocking on your door. Humour in Politics north of the border is not tolerated. Scotland’s police on Energy is a disgrace driven by avarice and greed. Common sense is not part of the SNP philosophy. Disagree with the SNP and “See you, Jimmy!”, a Glasgie kiss! Scotland has a massive welfare state and a great number of Scots who unfortunately carry a massive chip on their shoulders. The SNP have massaged that and directed all the angst against Westminster and the Tories. And yet a great deal of that anger is misdirected and should be directed at the Scottish Parliament and the SNP mismanagement of the last nine years. Despite Danny Alexander releasing £300million for the A9 upgrading it is only now starting. Just in time for plaudits to be raised for the 2016 Scottish elections. Education has suffered a leger de main where university fees were waived but at the cost to further education colleges. Rates are effectively frozen with any rises immediately nullified by a reduction in central funding. Plays well to the council tax payer but has resulted in drastic cutbacks in local services. The problem being that at some time in the future the piper must be paid! And the SNP have no idea how to do so. Their option is, like Esmeralda Marcos, spend, spend, spend! Reality of life be you a housewife, home owner or government, in the end the money runs out unless you budget wisely.

Now I shudder at the policies of Westminster over energy and planning. I despair at a growing aid budget only exceeded by UK borrowing. But that is the result of a generation of career politicians with PPE degrees from Oxbridge who came into politics as SPADS for Ministers. The reality is that we have some good people in Politics but they are presently on the backbenches whilst Cameron and his cronies, pushed no doubt by the interests of their wives, seem to run a gentleman’s club of self interest. One of the main restrictions has been the coalition and the agreed positions for the Lib-Dems especially in Energy and Environmental affairs. Free those positions up for the rank and file and Cameron may have a very different hue to his Cabinet! One well seeded with experience in commerce rather than PR.

So are we sleep walking into a disaster or are we about to unleash a can of worms? On the one side we have Millibean, the architect of the Climate Acts. and Balls, ‘ha, ha, we have spent all the cash and the cupboard is bare’, or we have Salmond and Sturgeon intent on destroying UK politics for their ambitions of fame and an Independent Scotland, albeit one that will be as bankrupt as Greece in a few months.  As an outside bet we have the Lib-Dems still believing that they will be partners in a future administrations but not really caring be it blue or red. Wake me up when the elections are over!


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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