A Post Election letter to our Prime Minister

cameron thinking

Dear Mr Cameron

Following your success in the General Election, and now that you are no longer hamstrung by coalition partners who worshipped at the windy altar, we are looking forward to you honouring the pledge in your manifesto to stop onshore wind subsidies.

Please ignore the inevitable wailing from the wind industry and greedy landowners.

They have played us – you – all for fools for far too long.

Their coffers floweth over.

You have to admire them in a way. This was the scam to end all scams. They have gotten rich on the back of the most vulnerable and persuaded many that they are here to save us from ourselves and to protect our ‘dying’ planet.

Their hypocrisy never ceases to amaze as big windy players continue to mine and burn the dirtiest coal, lignite, because wind energy is so unreliable.
The very same players have been allowed to lecture us on the need for ‘clean’ energy as they try and force their wind developments upon us.

They have convinced the politicians and the planners that industrial turbines enhance the environment, don’t cause adverse health effects to those who live near, pollute the environment or kill too many birds and bats.

They have been indignant at the suggestion that local sustainable tourism will suffer from their dominating machines and the miles of required access tracks, pylons, transmission lines and ugly sprawling substations.

They have spouted and waffled about emissions savings while all the while knowing the calculations to get to their fantasy figures are deeply flawed.

They have promised thousands upon thousands of homes ‘could’ be powered by their unreliable rotating cash machines.
They forget to add there will only be energy when the wind blows and fossil fuels will always be needed to stop the lights going out.

They have slithered into our schools to ‘educate’ the young minds of pupils into their windy ways to keep the next generation onside and the money flowing into their already bursting bank accounts.

They launch a full and devastating attack on the areas they target.

They take an axe to communities to split them in two in an effort to divide and conquer creating wounds that will never heal.

They have ignored the voices of the local people who have said ‘No’ to them and lie and say they are ‘listening’ to the community.

They shuffle a turbine here or there, reduce the height, raise the height, remove one or two (replaced when their next application for an extension gets approved) and say it is because ‘they have heard our concerns’.

They wave the stinking rotten carrot of community bribery under the noses of the persuadable – usually those who will be least affected.

They effectively run in, lob in a hand grenade of misery, destroy dreams and hopes and run back out again – never having to see or live with what they have inflicted on a once peaceful and happy community.

They have overwhelmed cash strapped local authorities with multiple turbine applications knowing the system is creaking and struggling.

They have routinely appealed refusal by the naughty council, who dared to stand up to them, to the government costing the local authority even more money which leads to cuts in vital services for the tax payer.

Yes they have played a blinder but little by little dedicated campaigners have chipped away at their windy lies and people are beginning to realise just what this is costing them on their energy bills, goods, services, council taxes, income tax, the environment, quality of life and the wildlife.

So Mr Cameron forget the troughers you may know who also feed on the windy subsidies and stand up for us instead.

You said you would. We are relying on you to deliver the swift blow to put the wind industry down once and for all.

We never want it to raise its ugly subsidy dependent head again.

You will never be forgiven if you don’t.

So please Mr Cameron just “get rid of all the green crap”


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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